Gov. Abbott Takes Major Step To Resume Trump’s Border Wall

Leave it to a Pro-Trump Republican Governor to find a way around the Biden administration’s criminal negligence of the crisis they created on the US-Mexico border.

Last week, Republican Governor of Texas announced a plan to border matters into his own hands. He released a statewide strategy to regain safety and security at the border, notably be restarting construction of Former President Trump’s border well.

Well, the Governor’s promises were not empty ones and just yesterday revealed that he has made a major down payment to resume wall construction and save Texans from the crimes pouring into his state as a result of Biden’s immigration policies.

Gov. Greg Abbott announced Wednesday that he has allocated the first $1 billion in his Texas’ budget to restore border wall construction. Additionally, he is demanding the Biden administration return seized private land to ensure no legal obstacles get in his way.

”Building the wall in Texas has officially begun,” Abbott celebrated.

Abbott also penned a letter guaranteeing $250 million as a down payment to begin planning stages of the construction project.

”It’s a quarter of a billion dollars. It’s more than enough to hire the project manager and the contractors and begin building the wall,” he said.

The Lone Star Republican lamented the increase in illegal border crossings since Biden’s administration began enacting their “politically correct” border policies, largely reversing the Trump-era initiatives that kept the US-Mexico border safe and secure.

To compare the Biden and Trump administrations, in April 2020, while Trump was still in the White House, border officials apprehended approximately 17,000 illegal immigrants. At the same time this year, under Biden, that number has skyrocketed to 170,000 apprehensions, a 900% increase.

As a result of the surge, “carnage” at the border has ensued, causing a massive increase in a wide variety of crimes, including drugs and human trafficking. The Governor noted the ruthlessness of certain migrants, many of which are vandalizing private property of ranchers and other land owners near the border region.

”Cartels, human and drug smugglers, human trafficking, are all profiting from Biden’s open border policies,” Gov. Abbott noted.


”The border was far more under control under the Trump administration, until Biden came in. There was a commitment under the former administration to enforce the laws passed by the United States Congress.”

In addition, the Texas Governor penned a letter to Biden demanding private lands seized by the federal government be returned so construction can resume unabated by legal obstacles.

Following Abbot’s lead, Republican-led states of Georgia and Florida are sending National Guard troops to assist in their own border struggles.

Author: Asa McCue