GOP Swamp Leader Gets Exactly What He Deserves

When ten House Republicans voted to impeach Donald Trump, they quickly faced backlash back home. It seems the people they are supposed to represent don’t like it when D.C. lawmakers put the swamp first. So far, eight of the ten have faced swift penalty, from censures to primary rivals. They will have a hard time fighting for their seats come 2022, as voters believe they are enemies to the party.

Five Republican senators originally voted to hold an impeachment trial, despite the unconstitutionality of the process. President Trump is no longer in office, and that Constitution does not allow for Congress to impeach a private citizen. But the typical RINOs joined Democrats to host this charade.

Yesterday, Trump’s legal team once again called on the Senate to dismiss this trial. Six Republicans turned on the party and the Constitution to vote for this sham to continue. That includes senator from Louisiana, Bill Cassidy. Now, his party back home is not pleased.

The Republican Party of Louisiana has issued a statement expressing dissatisfaction with Sen. Bill Cassidy’s Tuesday vote that a Senate impeachment trial of former President Trump can be held even though Trump is no longer in office.

“The Republican Party of Louisiana is profoundly disappointed by Senator Bill Cassidy’s vote on the constitutionality of the impeachment trial now underway against former President, now private citizen, Donald J. Trump,” the Louisiana GOP said in a statement. “We feel that an impeachment trial of a private citizen is not only an unconstitutional act, but also an attack on the very foundation of American democracy, which will have far reaching and unforeseen consequences for our republic.” [Source: Just the News]

Louisiana Republicans condemned Cassidy for voting to hold an impeachment that most believe is illegal. The House never conducted a real investigation, nor did they provide evidence of their single charge against Trump. On top of that, Republicans should be outraged that corrupt Democrats would waste so much time and effort on something that will do nothing for the country (nothing good, at least).

Yet a small contingent of D.C. Republicans are putting the swamp ahead of their states and their party. Cassidy is the next in a growing line of Republicans getting blasted by the folks back home.

It seems, with Trump out of office, RINOs feel comfortable revealing their true colors. Perhaps they think they are safe now. Hey, Trump is gone, right? Republicans won’t care what we do! Cassidy and the others have forgotten how much Americans love Trump—and how hard Republicans fought for his re-election.

While D.C. might be a swamp full of fair-weathered allies, the rest of the country is not. Republicans back home are disgusted to see a single representative in Congress vote for this nonsense.

Cassidy claims he voted for the trial because the House managers—who have botched two impeachment cases—presented a “strong” argument than Trump’s lawyers. Oh, so he cares more about their arguments than what the Constitution actually states?

How silly of us! All this time, we thought lawmakers were supposed to follow, you know, the law. But as long as the crooked snakes of the Democratic Party can make a better argument, then who cares about the law!

Cassidy should be getting worried about what might happen next.

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