GOP Superhero Steps In To Take Newsom’s Place

Those watching the recall sage unfold in California from the outside might be thinking it’s a lost cause. Sure, the recall organizers were able to get millions of signatures. But California has been in the grip of radical Democrats for years. Voters don’t seem to care that their liberal leaders act like dictators, flushing the state’s prosperity down the toilet.

You might be very wrong.

Gavin Newsom was a popular governor, until the pandemic hit. Then, he did just about everything wrong (short of forcing sick people into nursing homes). Residents won’t soon forget how he treated the state—and made a bad situation only worse.

The recall group has already done the impossible to secure more than enough signatures to trigger the election. Top GOP figures are running to replace Newsom. Now, a new poll reveals just how much trouble the Democrat is in.

The poll found that 47% of likely voters in the state support removing Newsom from office, while 50% oppose the move — “a difference just shy of the survey’s margin of error,” the Times noted.

Conservative talk radio host Larry Elder is the top Republican in the race to replace Newsom in the Sept. 14 special election. [Source: Daily Wire]

For a mainstream media poll to have results like this—in California—is very telling. A state that is considered mostly liberal is split over recalling the governor. Such close results are well within the margin of error, meaning Gavin might be as good as gone.

Reports seem to suggest that Republicans are energized to get out and vote in the September election. Democrats and liberal-leaning independents, however, seem somewhat indifferent. That’s not great, when you’re a governor fighting for his political life.

Gavin was frequently criticized for how he handled the pandemic. Residents seemed to be on board with his strict measures until the Fall of last year. When he froze the reopening efforts, banning even church services and businesses, people soured against him. It got only worse when he was outed several times for breaking his own rules.

People don’t like a hypocrite. And they certainly don’t like politicians who think they are above their own rules.

The recall effort, which has been struggling up until that point, suddenly got a surge of new supporters. It seems people who were on the fence before were now ready to see Newsom pay for his treatment of the state.

This recall election could end up being a referendum on the direction of the state’s leadership as a whole. While many parts of the state are thriving (thanks to conservative influence), major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland are dragging it down. Crime, homelessness, and radical socialist policies are eating California from the inside out.

If Newsom really faces the music this Fall, it could signal a turnaround for the once Golden State. Who knows? Maybe the rest of the communist lawmakers in the state government will be given walking papers.

A state can dream, can’t it?

Author: James Anderson