GOP Lawmakers Bring Back MAGA In a Huge New Way

Rabble-rousing Republican Reps. Matt Gaetz and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene are joining forces to launch an “America First” rally tour across the country.

The duo plans to launch their event next week in at The Villages in Florida, a retirement area with a largely Republican base.

“There are millions of Americans who need to know they still have advocates in Washington D.C., and the America First movement is consistently growing and fighting.”

Gaetz and Greene’s rally tour come as both lawmakers battle endless attacks from the their Democratic cohorts. Less than a month ago, news broke of a federal investigation launched against Rep. Gaetz to determine whether he had illegally paid for sex or had any relations with a minor.

The Florida Republican has routinely denied the allegations as merely attempts from the Left to take him down. Not one woman has stepped forward to accuse Gaetz, nor has he been charged with any crime. He points out the bizarre connection the investigation against him has with his disgruntled father seeking a $25 million loan.

Rep. Greene has become one of Gaetz’s biggest cheerleaders in Congress, but has faced political setbacks of her own. House Democrats voted to strip Greene of her committee assignments earlier this year after they discovered social media posts determined to be “controversial.”

Taylor’s did not hesitate to respond to the Democrat attacks:

Earlier this month, Rep. Greene and Republican Rep. Paul Gosar drafted a platform for a new “America First” caucus within the Republican party. Matt Gaetz fully endorsed the proposal.

Additional “America First Tour” rally dates will be announced in the future.

Rep. Greene released a statement following the announcement of the rally tour.