GOP Lawmaker Puts Everything On The Line For Trump

On Wednesday, Republican lawmaker Rep. Matt Gaetz made the ultimate commitment to President Trump. 

Gaetz revealed in an inclusive interview that he’d be willing not only to put his political career on hold, but completely walk away from his post in the House to join Trump’s legal team. The freshman lawmaker confirmed that he has not been asked, but the offer is firmly on the table. 

“I only regret that I have but one political career to give to my president,” Gaetz said. 

Rep. Gaetz was sure to reach President Trump through intermediaries and other members of his legal team to inform them of his offer. Upon mulling it over, the legal team ultimately decided to kindly refuse Gaetz’s offer. 

Rep. Gaetz probably isn’t aware of the precedent he’s setting among his Republican colleagues. It’s become en vogue in D.C. to bash President Trump  despite the massive gains and political capital he brought to the Republican Party. Gaetz has sent a clear message to the establishment figures clutching onto the Party for dear life. The message is simple: Get on board or get left behind.

After a recent shake up, many members of Trump’s legal team amicably parted ways. Lawyers Butch Bowers and Deborah Barbier and former federal prosecutors Greg Harris, Johnny Gasser and Josh Howard departed Trump’s team by mutual agreement over the direction of Trump’s defense.   President Trump will now be represented by trial lawyers David Schoen and Bruce L. Castor, Jr. 

Trump isn’t sweating his upcoming Senate trial with acquittal almost a guarantee. Sen. Rand Paul took a clear temperature of the room when he called Trump’s impeachment into a vote of constitutionality last week. Out of 50 Republican votes, 45 voted in favor of dismissal of Trump’s trial on the grounds of being unconstitutional. This vote paints a clear picture as to where a majority of Republicans stand, and a good indicator of Trump’s chances for acquittal.

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