‘GOP’ Governor Cowers Under Far-Left Pressure – Instantly Regrets It

The latest battle to rock states appears to be a fight over transgenderism. We’re not talking about letting men go to the women’s bathroom anymore. We’re talking about major attempts to normalize transgenderism, to the point of forcing children to undergo drastic changes—to appease progressive groups.

You’d think that, when dealing with this issue in conservative states, the result would be a no-brainer. Republican lawmakers should easily pass laws that protect the rights of American citizens, while refusing to let the transgender trend endanger minors. Yet we’ve seen in two states already, Republican governors cower to far-left lobbyists.

In South Dakota, once-beloved conservative governor, Kristi Noem, refused to support a bill that would ban transgender athletes from competing against women. Critics say she rejected the bill, because she didn’t want to fight any legal battles (i.e.: she’s a coward). And in Arkansas, the governor actually vetoed a bill that banned minors from being forced to undergo gender transition treatments.

But in that case, the state had the final say.

The Arkansas Legislature voted Tuesday afternoon to ban minors from receiving gender reassignment services from medical providers, including hormone treatments and puberty blockers, overriding the GOP governor’s veto of the proposal the day before…

“The House voted 71-24, and the Senate 25-8, to override the governor’s veto a day after it was announced,” ABC News reported on the development Tuesday afternoon. [Source: Daily Wire]

The bill in question prohibits doctors from providing minors with gender-reassignment treatments. It also bans doctors from referring minors to get such treatments or surgeries. The goal is pretty obvious, to discourage children from trying to alter their biology, based on warped views of their gender.

Across America, parents, schools, and other cultural influences try to convince vulnerable children to take powerful drugs or even undergo surgery, because they believe they are the wrong gender. Children who have yet to experience puberty or are too young to understand the issue can be easily manipulated. Only much later in life do they regret those choices.

It seems pretty clear this law is about protecting children from predators who seek to use them for political advances. So, why did Gov. Hutchinson veto it—claiming it was the “conservative” thing to do?

This isn’t about “government overreach.” It is about denying a dark and evil movement from robbing children of their innocent and health. Progressives don’t care about the well-being of people. They simply want to exploit anyone they can for money and power. It’s clear that in the issue of minors and transgenderism, the left wants to destroy lives, simply so they can virtue signal.

A conservative governor should not be making excuses and opposing a common-sense law. It makes us wonder, what is really motivating Hutchinson? Does he really care about the well-being of Arkansas children? Or is he, like Noem, bowing to the will of D.C. lobbyists? Is the governor more concerned about fitting into the political swamp of Washington, refusing to get involved in controversial issues, than protecting children?

I guess only he can set the record straight.

Author: Wes Lunderman

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