GOP Gov. Defies Biden — Resumes Trump’s ‘Crown & Glory’

There’s no doubting the crisis caused by the Joe Biden on the US-Mexico border. Many of Former President Trump’s common-sense immigration policies were reversed or completely destroyed by the Biden administration and, as a result, a surge of crime overwhelmed border officials.

Thankfully, Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott has vowed to do the “job of the federal government” as Biden fails to secure the border. He announced a series of initiates on Thursday, including resuming construction on Trump’s border wall. Biden was swift to end the border wall project upon entering the White House as many in his party deemed it “racist” and “unnecessary.”

Meanwhile, since the construction project came to a halt, illegal immigrants have successfully entered into the United States in unprecedented numbers. No correlation or concession has been made by the Biden administration between the ending of Trump’s policies and the surge of crime at the border.

“I will announce next week the plan for the state of Texas to begin building the border wall in the state of Texas,” Gov. Abbott revealed.

Gov. Abbott made a Declaration of Disaster to address the crisis in his state, which will include the arrest of anyone attempting to cross the border illegally into the state of Texas.

The Texas Republican tweeted the details of his plan:

“They won’t want to come to across the state of Texas anymore because it’s no longer the red carpet that the federal administration rolled out to them.”

Gov. Abbott continued on twitter, sending a direct warning to would-be illegal immigrants :

“The open-border policies of Joe Biden’s administration have led to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis at our southern border. Record levels of illegal immigrants, drugs, contraband, and human trafficking have occurred as a result,” the Republican Governor wrote in a statement.


“Securing the border is supposed to be the federal government’s responsibility, but they are failing. Texas will not sit idly while this crisis continues to grow out of control. Our state is working with local border communities impacted by Biden’s polices. Local law enforcement has vowed to ramp up arrests and detainments of individuals coming into Texas illegally.”

Abbott, who has been at odds with the Biden administration, also rebuked VP Kamala Harris’ laughing off questions about her lack of visits to the southern border since being named the border czar by President Joe Biden.

“The border crisis is no laughing matter,” Abbott said Thursday.

“This is something that also is not a tourism site for members of Congress to make an annual pilgrimage to and see the border, and then go back and do absolutely nothing at the federal government level to solve the crisis.”

Author: Nolan Sheridan