Glenn Beck Goes to Bat for Trump

Glenn Beck hasn’t been the biggest Trump supporter through the years. But the conservative radio host and pundit appears to have seen the light. Word got out that Republican Sen. Ben Sasse had privately criticized the Commander in Chief. So, Beck took to Twitter to defend the president’s records. And he listed off Trump’s many achievements.

We are only a few weeks away from the election. The mainstream media is working overtime to convince Americans to vote for a corrupt, career politician with a mountain of scandals and possible dementia. They want you to ignore the many, many problems with Joe Biden just so they can get rid of a man who is putting Americans first.

Although most Republicans are loyal to the president, we often see rumblings from D.C. insiders who appear less than excited over a Trump second term. Even within the GOP, the swamp exists and some Republican leaders would rather have a left-wing puppet like Biden in the White House—who would do the bidding of China—than Donald Trump who has fought for America again and again.

Apparently, Sen. Ben Sasse had gone along with the MSM narrative about Trump, criticizing his demeanor but ignoring his hard work. Glenn Beck, radio host and conservative figure, decided to fire back. In an epic Twitter feed, he listed Trump’s accomplishments in his first term. The tweet thread went on for a while.

Beck began, “So disappointed in @BenSasse. @realDonaldTrump has given us great judges on the lower court, 3 judges far superior to Roberts and other bogus constitutionalists as SCOTUS and one may just turn out to be another Clarence Thomas. He kicked the a** of ISIS and came home.”

“He got us out of the disastrous Iran deal, killed their head of terror, boxed them in and is currently collapsing their economy while ALSO brokering a Mideast peace deal THAT EVERYONE SAID COULD NEVER HAPPEN, he moved our embassy to Jerusalem despite the state department, something NO president has done even though they all promised,” Beck noted…

“I’m going to cut him some slack. @BenSasse, he has also defended religious liberty unlike any other president at least in the last 100 years, is a true PROLIFE advocate that unlike most Republicans backs it up with action instead of just talk,” Beck continued. [Source: Daily Wire]

Beck’s thread goes on for 21 tweets. He utterly crushes any attempts by anyone to dismiss Trump’s record as an America-first president. In just four short years, Trump has done what few leaders could do in a lifetime. Sen Sasse reportedly attacked Trump with bogus insults, claiming he “flirted” with white supremacists and “trash-talks evangelicals.” We’ve never seen anything like that from the president, but those are common bogus talking points from the left.

Glenn Beck goes to discuss Trump’s record. He starts with Trump’s historic 100’s of appointments of federal judges. He mentions Trump’s defeat of ISIS—something Obama could never do. Trump ended the Iran deal, killed their terrorist leader, and is brokering historic Middle East peace deals. He also moved our embassy to Jerusalem, something every other president was too cowardly to do.

Beck also talks about how Trump has defended religious liberty in our country and around the world—“unlike any other president.” He’s pushing pro-life policy, despite the overwhelming movement on the left for abortion on demand. Beck praised Trump for getting stuff done, “unlike most Republicans” who just talk.

He also discussed how Trump took an economy that was “beaten down” by Obama and gave us the “lowest unemployment rate since 1969.” That’s just the tip of the iceberg of what Trump has done.

The media doesn’t want you to know about the incredible things Trump has accomplished. They want you to focus on the fake image they created of him: a bully that puts himself first. But that is really a reflection of themselves and their candidate Joe Biden.

Beck’s full thread is worth a read and a share.

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