Fugitive Democrats Realize They Made a Huge Mistake – But It’s Too Late

It’s been over a month and—would you believe it—those Democrats who fled Texas still haven’t returned.

These liberals thought they would be hailed as heroes for fleeing the state to prevent the state government from doing its job. But everything they’ve done has been a misstep, exposing their stupidity and disrespect for their state.

Users online have frequently mocked these cowardly lawmakers. They were blasted after asking for “care packages,” as if they were soldiers fighting terrorists overseas. In a pathetic attempt to save face they launched two lawsuits, one to overturn the Texas House Speaker’s arrest warrants and another to force the courts to reinstate their paychecks. They lost both.

Now, the Texas House Speaker is fighting back.

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan (R) officially signed civil arrest warrants for 52 House Democrats who refused to show up for another special legislative session, thereby keeping the session from proceeding…

“The 52 warrants represent all but 15 Democrats in the lower chamber,” the Texas Tribune reported. “There were at least 11 present Tuesday. There were no additional new Democrats on the floor Tuesday after four returned a day earlier — and drew the wrath of some Democratic colleagues still in Washington, and prompted a renewed push inside the party to hold the line.” [Source: Daily Wire]

After winning the court battle, Dade Phelan issued fifty more arrest warrants for most of the Democrats who serve the Texas legislation. These warrants won’t amount to criminal charges nor will these lawmakers be taken to jail. Instead, should law enforcement apprehend these people, they would be taken straight to the House chambers.

Some have criticized this move. After all, can Texas law enforcement really go to D.C. and grab these Democrats? Chances are, that won’t happen. These warrants are for the moment these Democrats realize they have to come back to Texas eventually. They have fled not only their duties, but their families and other responsibilities back home.

Do they really think they can hold out longer than Texas Republicans? Governor Abbott vowed to call special session after special session, until these crucial bills are voted on.

Part of the pressure put on these Democrats is the fact that Abbott vetoed funding for the House. Meaning, they aren’t receiving paychecks. In order to reinstate their pay, they have to vote on a new bill. Which means, they need to return to Austin and actually participate in the process.

Are these Democrats so foolish that they’d refuse to come back, even at the cost of their own salaries?

I know one thing about Democrats: they love money. All the grandstanding in the world isn’t worth much to them, if they’re not profiting in some way, shape, or form.

They will eventually break, just to make sure they collect those checks. In the end, voters will have to take a hard look at these politicians and decide if it’s still worth supporting them.

Author: James McAvery