France Comes Up With The Perfect Punishment After Biden Snubs Them

How bad does an American president have to be when the French are doing a better job than him? Pretty bad, is my guess. The French haven’t distinguished themselves on the world stage since Napoleon. Yet in recent days, they seem to be doing more for the cause of liberty than old Joe Biden.

(Honestly, a rotten potato is doing more for liberty than Joe, but we digress.)

It seems like Joe Biden didn’t appreciate the work France did to take out an ISIS leader in Africa. The man was responsible for not only hurting locals and French citizens, but Americans as well. But it was a French operation that took him out, not the U.S.

Now, Biden is souring our relationship with France even more, by cutting them out of a major agreement.

France accused the Biden administration of stabbing it “in the back” over a defense agreement the U.S. recently made with Britain and Australia.

The United States, Britain, and Australia announced a three-way agreement on Wednesday to form a military alliance to help Australia resist Chinese aggression in the region…

The deal undercut an agreement Australia made with France in 2016 for France to supply Australia with a fleet of diesel-powered submarines. The new deal sparked furious reactions from French officials as France was left out of the new agreement. [Source: Daily Wire]

The French foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, called it a “brutal” decision, saying he was “angry and bitter.” Wow. Normally, you don’t hear diplomats speaking that bluntly and honestly. I guess Trump did rub off on Europe!

In retaliation, France is nixing an event that was supposed to celebrate our relationship with them.

France canceled a gala celebrating French-U.S. relations after the Biden administration cut France out of a defense agreement with Australia, angering French officials.

A gala celebrating the “240th Anniversary of the Battle of the Capes” was set to take place Friday evening at the French embassy in Washington, D.C., and in a French frigate in Baltimore. French officials, furious at the Biden administration for undercutting a 2016 French agreement with Australia, scrapped the events Thursday, according to The New York Times. [Source: Daily Wire]

Dang. How mad do the French have to be to cancel a gala? Their whole culture revolves around galas and croissants. Yet Biden’s such a failure of a president, that he is ticking off the French, literally our oldest ally.

France supported the United States back when we were a bunch of colonists fighting Great Britain. And our relationship with them hasn’t faltered ever since. Until an idiot named Joe Biden was “elected” president.

Now, the French are pissed off, canceling galas and who knows what else? Why on earth did Biden cut France out of an agreement that would protect numerous countries from China’s influence? We don’t know. But we can say it is one bad decision in a long line of terrible decisions made by Joe.

Something tells me he won’t be able to smooth this over with roses.

Author: Andrew Smith