Former Trump Admin Seeks Top Public Office Position

Throughout President Trump’s time in office, numerous members of his staff gained national recognition. Trump was known for finding the best and the brightest to work with him. Those who rose to the challenge were respected by supporters and became household names.

Those that couldn’t cut it, were quickly cut from his team.

Among the many members of Trump’s team that impressed the nation include people like Nikki Haley, Ben Carson, and KellyAnn Conway. But someone that had perhaps the hardest job during his administration was his longest-running press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Sanders had to battle the most dishonest, manipulative, and adversarial group that opposed Trump’s administration: the mainstream media. On a regular basis, she had to counter the media’s divisive fake news, confronting their blatant attacks on the administration. Millions of Americans were impressed by her undaunting defend of the truth.

And now, it looks like she is returning to the public eye, with a bid for a major political office.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the former Trump administration press secretary, will announce a run for Arkansas governor on Monday, according to multiple news reports.

NBC News, citing “two people familiar with her plans,” reported that Sanders will announce her candidacy for Arkansas Governor on Monday via video. The Associated Press has also reported her candidacy as imminent, citing a “senior campaign official.”

…According to NBC News, Sanders has been “quietly planning for the bid for over a year.” She was the Trump administration’s third press secretary, having become a recognizable face in the administration over the nearly two years that she served in the public-facing position. [Source: Daily Wire]

The current Republican governor will be stepping down due to term limits. That opens the field for a bevy of hopefuls battling for the nomination in a deeply conservative state. But that doesn’t mean Democrats won’t pull out all the stops to capture this important seat.

With Joe Biden in the White House, states have become a crucial barrier against his radical agenda. Governors and state legislature will be the ones to oppose many of his policies, via state legislation and court battles. Don’t be fooled. Democrats will want this governorship as much as they want any other seat of power.

A strong conservative will be needed to hold this seat and battle against the D.C. swamp. Among the many conservatives already vying for the nomination, Sanders just might be the right pick. Her experience in D.C. and her reputation among conservative voters, just might be enough for her to get the nomination and win in the general election.

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