Former Obama Chief Sounds the Alarm: Biden’s Open Border Will Cost Dems Elections

WASHINGTON, D.C. – TODAY, Tuesday, April 5th, 2016 at 10:30am in S-120 in the Capitol Building, Senators Charles E. Schumer, Bill Nelson, Amy Klobuchar, Joe Manchin and Martin Heinrich will be joined by the Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson to announce a new proposal to strengthen U.S. airport security, especially in non-secure "soft" target areas at airports. The proposal would also update federal security programs to provide active shooter training for law enforcement and increase the presence of federal agents with bomb-sniffing canines at these non-secure areas, such as check-in and baggage claim areas.

It’s no secret Democrats are facing a very bad midterm election cycle. Joe Biden has pushed one failed policy after another. He’s responsible for historic inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, a busted supply chain, and a worker shortage. That’s all for starters. Many blame him for the war in Ukraine and, of course, Afghanistan.

It seems like nothing Biden does works. Perhaps because he’s blindly obeying the radical left and special interest groups. His biggest failure appears to be the border, where he’s let in millions of illegal aliens. Americans are already outraged Biden’s opened the border and plans to make it much worse by ending Title 42. So, one of Obama’s top officials is warning the party.

Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson is warning the Biden administration about the potential political consequences of ongoing immigration problems at the southern U.S. border…

Johnson thinks the administration should keep Title 43 in place for at least a few more months until peak migration season is over – a solution already posed by some congressional Democrats…

“And, obviously, the Biden administration is paying a political cost for these. March, April, May tend to be the peak seasons for migration on our southern border. And so DHS will have a challenge.” [Source: Just the News]

Although he’s too afraid to say it outright, Johnson’s message is clear. Biden and the Democrats will suffer big time, thanks to his open border. Americans have been watching for over a year as Biden’s laid out a red carpet for illegals, drug cartels, smugglers, and human traffickers. The country is being invaded, with Biden’s stamp of approval.

Biden isn’t making it any better. As with every other crises he’s started, he plans to make it worse. By ending Title 42, border agents will lose the last power they had to remove illegals. Now, nothing is going to stop millions of strangers from entering our country, undocumented and illegally.

Does Biden really think this is a winning strategy? Could be. The radical left wants him to do this, because they need a steady stream of poor and uninformed people in America they can exploit. The far-left want to use illegal aliens to push their political agenda. Convince them that Democrats will be their salvation and weaken election laws so they can vote.

Biden is doing this, because he really doesn’t think it will hurt him politically. He and his braindead supporters think this will pay off, in the long run. What they are forgetting is that Americans aren’t standing for it. They are outraged Biden is putting illegal aliens ahead of real citizens. And they will vote these clowns out of office long before their plan works out.

Jeh Johnson realizes this and is trying to stem the bleeding. But it’s too little, too late.

Author: Bo Dogan