Florida Police Chief Goes ‘Woke’–Promotes Non-white Officers

“Going woke” is the latest term used to describe pathetic hacks who seek relevance among the liberal elite. It is modern-day political correctness, a way for people without individual thoughts or beliefs to pretend like they know what they’re talking about. But sadly, it is a poison that spreads the very thing they claim to hate. And Americans are quickly rejecting it.

Teachers tried to push woke ideas in public schools, sparking a movement of parents fighting back against liberal school boards. Businesses that go woke often seen their revenues plummet, triggering the phrase, “Go woke, go broke.” And policies built around wokeism always fail, destroying even presidential administration. And now, a police chief in Florida is learning the hard way that judging people based on race (even white people) will get you in the end.

Larry Scirotto, named the police chief of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department in August, was fired last Thursday after an investigation into complaints he allegedly discriminated against white people to make the police force more racially diverse. Scirotto was accused of racial discrimination against white applicants and existing officers eligible for promotions…

One of Scirotto’s more egregious expressions of racial bias was when he commented on a wall of photos of the department’s leadership and proclaimed, “That wall is too white” and “I’m gonna change that,” according to the investigation. [Source: Washington Examiner]

Wow, what an idiot. This police chief must have thought that pushing a woke agenda to make his department “more diverse” would be received with praise from the general public. He even complained that his leadership was “too white” and boasted that he was going to change that. But, as it turns out, discrimination laws even protect those “evil” white people. And this police chief lost his job—because he broke the law.

Kind of ironic, huh? A police chief blatantly violated civil rights laws that forbid deciding promotions and employment based on someone’s race. But this is pretty typical. Going woke means you stop thinking for yourself. Woke people don’t use their brains. They simply regurgitate whatever their college professors (or social media influencers) tell them. They judge someone because they are white, instantly assuming they are bad.

Not even children do that. Yet Scirotto was so dumb, he didn’t realize that by discriminating against white officers, he was hurting everyone. Common sense states that only the most qualified should be promoted. Regardless of their race, the very best cop should get the job. Yet Scirotto was overlooking qualified officers, just to look progressive to his peers.

Imagine if he promoted someone totally unfit for the job, just because of his or her race? That could have put the entire city at risk since, after all, this was a police department. But that happens all the time, even in the White House. Which is why things are such a mess right now in the U.S.

You’d think people like Scirotto would learn their lessons from this. But probably not.

Author: Bo Dogan