Flashback Video Of Kamala Haunts Democrat Hypocrites

Kamala Harris and her Democrat cohorts are in complete panic mode. 

Impeachment managers are angling to convict President Trump by highlighting violent threats made against Democrat lawmakers, while ignoring threats Democrats have made themselves

Since President Trump assumed office, he’s been a punching bag for not only the Left, but the entire Democratic Party establishment. Lawmakers have routinely wished for violence, even death, against Trump and other Republicans. As a result, violent attacks against conservatives is at an all-time high without any culpability from Democrats. 

The White House never expected this video of Kamala Harris to leak.

A video of then-Senator Kamala Harris recently resurfaced on social media. After making a joke about killing President Trump, Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions, Kamala Harris is heard blurting out an evil chuckle with the talk show host. 

Meanwhile, impeachment managers continue to baselessly attack President Trump for “inciting violence” ahead of the Capitol protests in January.

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