Federal Judge Exposes Biden For Racist Policies

In this day and age, Democrats have given up on true civil rights for what they brand “social justice.” To them, equality can only be achieved when historically oppressed groups get special treatment. Instead of showing respect to all Americans—ensuring everyone can succeed based on their own merits—Democrats seek to give some people more advantage than others.

The very opposite of what civil rights is all about.

But this poison of social justice isn’t going away. In fact, thanks to the Biden administration, major policies have been enacted to ensure some Americans are treated like second-class citizens, solely because they are white men.

Biden created a fund to help restaurants slammed by the lockdowns. But the fund would give minority and women-owned businesses a three-week head start to apply for the money. White men would have to wait, when there was a good chance the money was all gone. Denying someone aid because of the color of their skin? Sounds racist to men. And it did to a federal judge as well.

A federal judge has granted a temporary restraining order barring the disbursement of coronavirus relief grants awarded to priority groups on the basis of race and gender…

The order, signed by U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor, declares that “the Court concludes that Plaintiffs are likely to succeed on the merits of their claim that Defendants’ use of race-based and sex-based preferences in the administration of the RRF violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution.” [Source: Just the News]

This judge ruled that the race-based and sex-based requirements of this fund violated our Constitution. That’s a sad indictment against Joe Biden and the Democrats—who crow on and on about being advocates for equality.

We would have never seen this kind of thing under the Trump administration. If he had set up a program to help ailing businesses, he would have never prevented anyone from participating. That didn’t make him racist, that made him excepting of all Americans.

But in the Democrats’ tiny brains, black business and female business owners deserve special treatment. Why? Do Democrats think these hard-working Americans can’t make it without government help? Or do they think they are superior to white male business owners, and deserve it?

No matter how you slice it, Biden was trying to create two Americans: one where certain groups are held in higher regard than others. All based on things they cannot control.

Make no mistake, though, Biden won’t take this ruling as the rebuke that it is. He and his cronies will try to fight it, so they can continue to discriminate against Americans. They will either try to take it to a higher court or find new ways to insult hard-working citizens.

Just wait and see.

Author: Thomas Drewson