Fauci Struggles To Explain Republicans’ Success

Anthony Fauci has proven himself to be a side-winding political hack; not the benevolent doctor concerned for out health like he wants us to believe.

“America’s Doctor” was blasted online after saying the downturn in coronavirus cases for re-opened Republican states “can be confusing” despite doing away with his recommended mask mandate.

Fauci, solidifying his role as mainstream media darling, was asked during an interview why cases of COVID-19 keep declining in Texas after the state dropped lockdown restrictions.

“It can be confusing … because often you have to wait a few weeks before you see the effect. … I’m not really quite sure. It could be they’re doing things outdoors,” he said.

Fauci commented on Gov. Abbot’s decision to lift restrictions as “incredibly risky” but, according to the data, the risk certainly paid off.

Social media lit up after Fauci made those comments, causing a firestorm of backlash for the Doctor:

Trump is also a vocal critic of Fauci. Earlier this month the Former President released a statement revealing what it was really like to work with the little guy, calling them “self-promoters trying to cover up their bad instincts.”

Author: Nolan Sheridan 

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