Fauci Proves Relentless In Pursuit Of Tyrannical Control

Many predicted it, but few believed it would actually come true. Yet, here we are — thrusted into tyranny at the hands of a little immunologist drunk on power and determined to destroy society using COVID-19 as a justification.

Just when America began seeing the light, getting vaccinated and dropping their masks, Biden’s top medical advisor goes back on TV to warn us of what’s to come.

Warning: it’s not good.

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sunday said that federal authorities are actively considering recommending vaccinated people wear masks.

Jake Tapper, leading hack at CNN, invited Fauci back on his nightly program to discuss the impending doom he’s planning for the country. During the interview Fauci admitted that the federal government is strongly considering bringing back mask mandates.

“You know, Jake, this is under active consideration. If you’re asking am I part of the discussion? Yes, I am,” the health authority said.

Earlier this month, the CDC updated masking guidelines, saying it was no longer necessary for vaccinated individuals to wear them indoors. However, after a string of vaccination failures, the Biden administration and Dr. Fauci are actively considering a reversal of that policy.

“You’re in a situation where we’re having a lot of dynamics of infection. So, even if you are vaccinated, you should wear a mask,” Fauci added.

The leading liberal enclaves throughout the United States have begun dealing in fear mongering by reinstating their mask mandates. Residents in Los Angeles were forced to mask up again after the mayor reinstated the mandate earlier this month.

As predicted, health officials used a series of tactics to keep America afraid. Hysteria surrounding the “delta variant” of COVID-19 has overwhelmed media and re-terrified the nation. According to recent data pushed by the mainstream media, the delta variant now accounts for 80% of recent infections.

And now talks of a third booster shot are making the rounds on CNN and MSNBC.

Fauci told Tapper that despite CDC confirming the vaccine protects against the variant, many immuno-compromised Americans will need a third shot to sustain immunity.

A third shot!

Author: Sebastian Hayworth