Fauci Just Picked a Fight With The Wrong Republican, See How…

Dr. Anthony Fauci aka “America’s Favorite Doctor” has revealed himself to be the leader of a cult, not an objective or unbiased scientist.

After multiple attacks from Republican lawmakers, Fauci is fighting back using every weapon in his arsenal to counter numerous calls for his resignation.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas was the latest GOP lawmaker to demand an investigation into the plethora of lies and obfuscations told by Fauci since he staggered into the national spotlight.

Lest we forget, Fauci perjured himself on more than one occasion when he testified that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases never funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China. Fauci’s NIH did in fact fund gain-of-function research, as revealed by a former NIH scientist just last month.

Let’s not even bring up the testing on puppies and baby monkeys conducted by Fauci’s NIH…

Cruz called for the persecution of Fauci for his role in funding experiments which eventually led to the “accidental” release of the COVID-19 virus, to which the doctor rebuked using the only counterattack liberals can muster.

Cruz was one of only a handful of brave Republican lawmakers calling for an examination of the 2020 presidential election results.

Cruz is also one of the Republican lawmakers who has accused Fauci of lying to Congress about funding gain-of-function research at a lab in Wuhan, China, where COVID-19 cases were first reported in 2019. His colleague, Sen. Rand Paul, referred Fauci to the Justice Department for prosecution. No charges have been levied.

Fauci has denied that the National Institutes of Health funded risky gain-of-function research, and the NIH rejected claims that it provided money that went towards such work led to the pandemic, but critics including Paul contend the NIH letter confirms that the Wuhan lab collaborator had indeed been conducting gain-of-function research.

Fauci argued the GOP is engaging in a “dangerous” game by attacking him and, by extension, science.

Exposing himself as a cult leader, Fauci gets to the point, informing his skeptics that he is above criticism simply because he represents “science” and is “saving lives.”

Are you paying attention yet?

Author: Asa McCue