Fauci Gets Annihilated By One Of America’s Top Doctors

It’s officially over a year since the United States began suffering from the China virus. Many have gotten sick, many have died. Many more, however, have suffered under the liberty-crushing policies of out-of-control state and federal governments. Our country’s solution to “slow the spread” has been to destroy children’s educations, ruin countless small businesses, deprive the elderly of love and affection, oppress anyone who wants to live a normal life.

If we were holding trials for crimes against humanity, the U.S. government would be found overwhelmingly guilty.

But while many states have long given up the fantasy that lockdowns work, the federal government and Democrat-run states still stand by it. The pathetic reality is, we don’t see any data that proves lockdown states are doing better than the rest. In fact, infection rates, hospitalizations, and even deaths are more or less the same, whether you live in one state or another.

So, why are top “experts” still beating the fear-inducing lockdown drum? We can’t say for sure. But one top doctor is calling out the high priest of hysteria, Anthony Fauci, over his epic failure in leadership during the pandemic.

Stanford University Professor of Medicine Jay Bhattacharya has been arguing for months that coronavirus lockdowns ultimately cause far more harm than good…

In Bhattacharya’s view, Biden administration chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci and other top public health officials have failed to view the risks to a subset of the U.S. population in the indispensable context of risks to the larger population produced by drastic mitigation policies like socially and economically stultifying lockdowns that blanketed much of the country over the past year.

“Part of the problem for Dr. Fauci,” Bhattacharya said, “is that he is blind to the harms of the lockdown … He seems not to understand that the lockdown creates all kinds of physical problems, psychological problems, harms that I’ve never seen him talk about.” [Source: Just the News]

Bhattacharya hammered Fauci over his rhetoric during the pandemic. Fauci loves to talk about “slowing the spread” and how wearing masks and keeping things closed down are great. But, a doctor and top government official, refuses to discuss the massive toll these tyrannical measures are taking on everyone in the country.

Early on, Fauci cruelly dismissed the pain Americans were feeling over the lockdowns as “inconvenient.” Thanks, Fauci. Millions of children are struggling with poor education, social isolation, depression, and abuse. But it’s just “inconvenient.” Families have broken down, drug abuse has skyrocketed, and suicided spiked in 2020. But it’s just “inconvenient.”

It’s that kind of callous, uncaring sentiment that is so common on the left. They march around like dictators, demanding we do what they refuse to do personally. But they are completely blind to the problems and pain faced by us every day.

Democrats claim to care about somebody. But if they do care about Americans, it’s only small minority groups that they can pander to (and only on certain issues). Fauci and the rest of the liberal establishment are fine with pushing lockdowns, perhaps for another year. Because the policy doesn’t affect them. In fact, more fear over COVID would give Fauci more attention, more respect, and more money.

He has no reason to admit his ideas were a failure.

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