Fauci Conspires With China To Conceal Key Facts

More than a year after the global coronavirus pandemic struck, questions have yet to be answered as to what exactly happened and where. Dr. Anthony Fauci has played in a key role in downplaying the possibility that the virus originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology — and now we know why.

Emails between Fuaci and a key Wuhan scientists have leaked, and it’s not looking good for “America’s Doctor.”

In the emails, the Wuhan researcher, and president of EcoHealth Alliance (the corporation in which Fauci funneled taxpayer money to Wuhan), Peter Daszak, personally thanked Fauci for dismissing lab leak theories in the media even though the likelihood is high of that being the case.

Dr. Fauci began publicly dismissing the theory that the COVID-19 pandemic began due to an accident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in April of last year. Around that time, the NIH, under Fauci’s tutelage, funneled through EcoHealth Alliance, granted Daszak and the Wuhan lab a nearly-$1million grant for gain-of-function research – a claim Fauci denies but is later proven in leaked emails.

Daszak personally thanked Dr. Fauci and his collaborators for downplaying the Wuhan theory in the press. Fauci replied in April 2020, thanking Daszak for his “kind note.” Earlier that same day during a coronavirus press briefiing, Fauci was asked directly about the lab leak theory. His response?

“Scientific evidence is totally inconsistent with the so-called lab leak theory. However, the data concludes that the virus jumped from animal to human, likely from bats to humans.”

Too bad for Fauci, however, his emails to Daszak prove that he conspired with Wuhan to do just that – downplay the possibility that the animal-to-human jump theory was scientifically sound – not the lab leak “conspiracy.”

Fauci has since publicly shifted his tone, acknowledging in recent days that the virus may indeed have come from a lab. But it is clear from email exchanges with his NIH colleagues since the onset of the pandemic that he never wanted to lab leak theory to gain any momentum.

Additionally, many recommendations were made to Fauci as to how to handle the outbreak of COVID-19. One colleague even made the common sense suggestion to isolate the vulnerable 60+ crowd in order to limit social unrest. In the email exchange, Fauci balks at this suggestion.

Even as recently as February 2020 Dr. Fauci was privately admitting the truth about widespread mask wearing. In another email exchange he revealed masks “are really just for infected people to stop the spread of infection…”

Meanwhile, he and the Biden administration, and largely the entire Democrat Party, have hounded uninfected Americans about mask wearing – even issuing criminal penalties for failing to do so. This is an obstruction in the rule of law not seen since Watergate.

Fauci’s role in government (as the highest paid federal employee) must immediately come to an end after the revelations laid before the American people in these emails. He’s shown that integrity, honesty, and transparency are not top on his list. Instead, “America’s Doctor” has slapped the American people over the face with criminal medical malfeasance that’s resulted in the loss of life, business, and a prosperous future.

Author: Asa McCue