Far-Left Group Blast Fauci–Celebrates His ‘Legacy’

It wasn’t that long ago that the establishment left worshiped Anthony Fauci as a god. His word would determine the extreme policies Democrat governor put into place to “control” COVID-19. These harsh lockdowns and mandates did nothing to help. Yet the left continued to prop up Fauci’s claims, even as they became less and less reliable.

Only conservatives and Republican leaders were willing to call out the man. For that, they were branded “anti-science” and “conspiracy theorists.” But it seems the worm has turned. Fauci’s popularity has been rapidly declining, ever since a FOIA request revealed he lied about the pandemic again and again.

But things have only gotten worse of the highest-paid government goon in America. Reports came out that his agency has been funding inhumane research around the world. These “experiments” subjected animals—including Beagle puppies—to cruel treatment. And now, radical animal rights group PETA is turning on the once liberal darling.

A “tribute” mosaic portrait of Dr. Anthony Fauci, comprising hundreds of images of monkeys and beagles he and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) are accused of being responsible for having “tormented and killed in cruel experiments,” was unveiled by animal rights group PETA after a recent glimpse into the top infectious diseases expert’s office revealed large portraits and other memorabilia portraying himself…

“No one likes Anthony Fauci more than Anthony Fauci,” the group stated, claiming that proof of it could be seen in a “recent peek inside the world headquarters of the Anthony Fauci Fan Club—his home office.” […]

As a result, PETA announced it had created the “newest addition” for Fauci’s collection of memorabilia: a high-resolution photomosaic “made of hundreds of tiny photographs of the monkeys and beagles he and NIAID have tormented and killed in cruel experiments.” [Source: Breitbart]

This is pretty amazing. When a deranged leftist group like PETA is actually doing something right for once—you really have to stop and wonder. Just how far-gone is a man like Fauci, to force PETA to make sense?

The post was triggered by an image of Fauci’s office in a Disney+ documentary (yes, your subscription dollars to watch Star Wars TV shows is going to fund garbage like this). The image reveals Fauci’s office is “festooned” with portraits of himself, one being so large it takes up a wall. Uh… why does Fauci have so many images of himself in his own workspace? Did he forget how he looks?

Or is he so egotistical that he needs numerous pictures of himself, which depict him as some kind of genius?

PETA doesn’t think Fauci is a genius. They responded with a mosiac of his face, made up of the animals he helped torture and kill. It’s pretty interesting to see a liberal group, which like all of them walk in lockstep with the establishment, turning on one of the top members of the establishment.

This, perhaps, suggests that Fauci’s time as a thought leader in the country is rapidly coming to an end. At this point, the only person that still seems to trust him is Joe Biden. And, considering Joe Biden is suffering from mental decline, that’s not saying much.

Author: Bo Dogan