Far-Left Attorney General Fails To Destroy Leading Gun Rights Group

Law abiding gun owners and freedom-loving Americans can breath a brief sigh of relief.

Leading gun grabber and left-wing activist NY Attorney General Letitia James was handed a major loss in court this week when a judge ruled that she cannot dissolve America’s leading gun rights group, the NRA.

James’ lawsuit against the NRA coincides with another attempt at a legal takedown of Donald Trump, his family, and the entire Trump Organization.

New York State Court Justice Joel Cohen ruled on Wednesday that James may not breakup the National Rifle Association.  that NY Attorney General Letitia James cannot dissolve the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Cohen ruled that James’ allegations of NRA financial malfeasance deal with private affairs within the organization, not with the group’s members.

He noted that James’ “complaint does not allege the type of public harm that is the legal linchpin for imposing the ‘corporate death penalty.’”

However, Judge Cohen did leave the door open for James to continue to attack key members of the NRA, like CEO Wayne LaPierre, for example. Her office hinted that they will peruse legal proceedings to remove LaPierre from his CEO position.

James released a statement in response to Cohen’s ruling:

Now more than ever the right to bear arms is a crucial element of what’s left of Constitutional freedom in the United States. Over the past two years we’ve seen, slowly but surely, our personal liberties being stripped away in a systematic and daunting way. Eliminating the right to protect oneself is a deliberate and calculated effort by leftists, many of whom have been heavily inspired by communist nations where gun confiscation was crucial to exact dictatorial rule.

Without the Second Amendment, without the ability to arm ourselves against tyrannical governments, we’re doomed, screwed beyond belief, without any recourse whatsoever.

As elected officials pop up here and there demanding we fork over our guns it’s so very crucial that we never comply. Never give them an inch, ever.

The case is New York v. The National Rifle Association of America, New York Supreme Court, New York County. No. 451625/2020. (The New York Supreme Court is a trial court, not the top of the NY judiciary.)

Author: Elizabeth Tierney