Fake News Outlets Finally Admit Truth About Hunter Biden

For over 500 days, establishment “news” outlets have been selling the American public a bowl of lies regarding Hunter Biden and his “Laptop From Hell”.

Parroting White House talking points, the likes of CNN, Washington Post, et al disregarded the Hunter Biden bombshell as “Russian disinformation” as a way to protect candidate Joe Biden and subsequently President Joe Biden from backlash.

Now after 532 days CNN has finally admitted the contents on Hunter Biden’s laptop are indeed authentic after referring to the story as a right-wing conspiracy for over a year.

“The contents are his [Hunter’s],”one CNN anchor said, noting Hunter’s “very, very bad”looking corruption in Ukraine when Joe Biden was vice president.

“Hunter Biden was trading on his father’s name to make a lot of money.”

However, many of us remember when CNN was working overtime to malign Trump and his supporters for daring to believe that Hunter Biden and his father were engaging in illegal activity overseas by using Joe’s office to cash in on lucrative business deals.

CNN only admitted Hunter’s laptop is authentic after the New York Times acknowledged two weeks ago it was, indeed, Hunter’s. It took the Times nearly two years to acknowledge what was authenticated in 2020 by New York Post’s Emma-Jo Morris, who has since moved on and is working for Breitbart News.

Many at CNN, including Brian Stelter, suggested the laptop was “Russian disinformation” to likely protect Joe Biden from losing the 2020 election.

CNN former president Jeff Zucker also labeled Hunter’s laptop story as a “Breitbart… rabbit hole” and unworthy of coverage.

As a whole, the media tried to twist the story in favor of Biden. In fact, 15 establishment media personalities claimed Hunter’s laptop emails were likely Russian propaganda. Perhaps most famously, CBS News reporter Lesley Stahl falsely told President Trump in 2020 that Hunter’s “laptop from hell” could not be verified.

The Washington Post has also come around to admitting the validity of Hunter’s laptop from hell.

Hunter’s laptop is now in the hands of the FBI.

Joe Biden’s reaction to this entire debacle?

He simply laughed it off, knowing all too well that he has the entire Deep State apparatus behind him.

Author: Asa McCue