Facing Unprecedented Challengers, AOC Makes Big Demand From Supporters

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been a media darling since she entered politics. But the Democratic socialist has not enjoyed high approval from her congressional district. She faces over a dozen primary challengers. Now, looking at an expected defeat, she makes this demand from her supporters.

Ah, poor o’ AOC. She was supposed to be the “future of the Democratic Party.” In fact, some idiots in the media considered her the future of our government. What a sad future that would have been!

AOC skirted into Congress by making the bogus promise of abolishing ICE. Yeah, remember that? Where did that promise go? She’s made a big deal by spreading lies about detention centers at the border. But when was the last time she attempted to abolish this agency? How about, never!

When she entered office last year, AOC humiliated herself with the bogus “Green New Deal.” This ridiculous proposal would have outlawed air travel, demanded every building in America be rebuilt, and provided paychecks for people “unwilling” to work.

Something tells me plenty of people back home aren’t too pleased with this woman.

Add to that the fact she cost Queens over a billion dollars in investments and thousands of Amazon jobs (something the idiot is proud of), you can imagine that New Yorkers are ready for a change.

Pretty sad, for just one term in office!

Already a dozen or more Democrats have filed to run against AOC in her district. That’s got to be a record, right? She is doing such a bad job, any random liberal is like, “Hey, I can do better than her!” With so much competition, AOC is looking at a harsh primary.

What’s her solution? Buckling down and doing an amazing job this year in Congress? Nope! She’s demanding her supporters do all the work.

At a Saturday kickoff event in her bid for a second term, the far-left freshman congresswoman told supporters she wanted to see voter turnout in New York’s 14th Congressional District increase by “four times” over her previous run in 2018…

“We want to secure 60,000 votes in the primary election. We need to start creating a turnout machine right now.” [Source: Fox News]

Damn, woman. Why don’t you ask them to move a few mountains, while you’re at it?

This woman is so hostile to her own party, that she refuses to pay her dues. Yet she is demanding her supporters pull in “four times” the number of votes than in 2018.

Hey, idiot: you get more voters when you do a good job. AOC’s time in office has been one big dumpster fire. But she thinks that she can bully her supporters into building her a “turnout machine.”

She sounds like Mussolini shouting from the balcony, pounding her fist against the podium. What’s ironic is she expects her supporters to put more work into her re-election than she’s put into her entire time in Congress.

If you’re shocked, don’t be. This is pretty much how socialists operate. They promise a society of equals. But really, they’re at the top taking all the benefits, while their supporters toil away like oppressed slaves.

Because that’s what they are. The same can be said of AOC’s ally Bernie Sanders. His supporters work themselves to the bone, while he flies from his mansions on private jets.

Do you see why real Americans are disgusted by these con artists?

There has been plenty of word that local Democrats are sick of AOC. They want her out. Even state legislators have mulled redistricting the Queens to get her out of there. It’s no coincidence so many people are gunning for her job.

Hey, I don’t like Democrats, but I want somebody to beat her. Even if it’s a blue buffoon.

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