Explosive Trump Interview Rocks The Nation: 2024 Plans Revealed

Former President Donald Trump sat down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Monday night to discuss the current state of the U.S. under Biden. Almost immediately Hannity pressed Trump on his plans to run for president in 2024. Trump revealed that he is “very seriously” considering a White House bid, noting he’s thinking about it “beyond seriously.”

However, he did not go so far as to fully commit to a 2024 run, saying it was far too early to make that announcement.

The Former President also revealed what he missed most about being President: “helping the American people,” he said.

On his goals for 2022, Trump said, “We are going to help with the House,”

“I’m working with Kevin McCarthy and everybody else in taking back the house. I think we have a really good chance in doing it. However, the Senate’s going to be a little bit tougher.”

Trump is also committed to helping win back the Senate for the GOP, saying, “I think we have a really good chance of winning.”

Whatever needs to be done, Trump is committed to do. The Former President said he’s willing to travel, do his signature rallies, speeches, anything for the right candidate.

When asked what he missed most about being President, Trump said:

“I miss the most helping people because I can directly help people,”

Adding, “That’s the only reason I did it, to help people. This has been tough. Hey, look, I had a great life, great company, great business, no problems; but I wanted to help people.”

Author: Asa McCue