Even Trump Is Stunned At How Bad Biden Screwed This Up

In just over six months, Joe Biden has seized the country and dragged it down a path of utter failure.

This glaring fact becomes particularly evident if you take one minute to examine the current situation unfolding in the Middle East, namely Afghanistan.

Even Trump is shocked by the decline, even asking readers of his press statements this morning a question with an increasingly obvious answer:

“Do you miss me yet?”

The Former President slammed Joe Biden for the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, making him the second former commander in chief to criticize the Biden administration’s moves toward ending the 20-year war. However, it’s important to clarify that George W. Bush — the other former president to slam Biden’s Afghanistan decision — started and perpetuated the Middle East conflict.

Last month, former President George W. Bush hit the Biden administration for the decision to pull the troops, arguing that the “consequences are going to be unbelievably bad.”

Trump, who during his administration brokered a deal with the Taliban that enshrined a full troop withdrawal date of May 1, said his removal of troops would have been a “conditions-based withdrawal.”

On Thursday, the former president said he “personally had discussions with top Taliban leaders whereby they understood what they were doing now would not be acceptable,” and implied that if he were left in charge, the outcome in embattled country would be much different.

The comments came as the Taliban added a 10th provincial capital to their string of territorial gains while the United States’s withdrawal at the end of the month nears.

Trump called the situation in Afghanistan “not acceptable” and said it should have “been done much better.”

Here’s Trump’s full statement released to his Save America wesbsite yesterday:

Officials in the Biden administration are losing confidence in the Afghan government and military’s capability to hold off the Taliban, and some believe the fall could happen sooner than expected. Various officials said they believe Kabul could fall to the Taliban anytime from a month to 90 days, depicting a much more dire situation than the intelligence officials thought, which was that a fall could come as soon as six months after the U.S. completes its withdrawal.

UPDATE: The Biden administration announced today they would be “temporarily deploying” 3,000 troops to Afghanistan to combat the Taliban’s inevitable takeover of Kabul.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth