Eric Trump Blasts CNN As ‘Total Joke’ After Double Standard Exposed

The media have been quick to accuse President Trump of not taking the crisis “seriously.” They’ve even complained that he and some of his staff refuse to wear face masks during appearances. The entire White House press corps are now wearing masks. But this is what Eric Trump exposed, right after a recent presser.

Oh, I’m sure you’re sick of seeing people wear face masks in public. It seems like poison gas is falling from the sky and we are only safe if we stretch a millimeter-thick piece of fabric over our mouths and noses. The CDC told us not to wear masks in March, remember? Only to reverse course in April. Now, it seems experts are reversing their opinion yet again.

But let it never be said that our pathetic media doesn’t pounce on a bogus issue. After months of covering the crisis wearing nothing but a sneer, White House reporters are now all wearing masks during briefings. Some have even complained when White House staff, including Trump, refuse to wear one. But watch what CNN’s Kaitlan Collins did immediately after the press briefing was over.

The video reveals that the CNN reporter rips off her mask the moment she thought the cameras were off. Tell me something, did the threat of the virus suddenly dip once the presser ended? She was literally in the same room. But right after the White House press secretary left, she pulled off her mask.

Meanwhile, she was about to leave the room, most-likely to interacting with numerous reporters and co-workers. Isn’t she concerned with catching the disease? Why was she wearing a mask while sitting in a chair, at least six feet away from the closest person? Only to take off the mask right before she was about to interact with people?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this double standard from the media. Other reporters have whined about Trump’s lack of a mask, only to be spotted in the middle of New York City, maskless.

Meanwhile, some Americans face fines and jailtime for not wearing a mask while walking their dog. We have to worry about the Karen’s of our communities snitching on us for not smothering our faces with something more likely to get you sick, than if you wore nothing.

The media wants Americans to live in constant fear. They want us to huddle in our homes, unable to work or go to school. They want us to think that we’d die the second we walk out the front door, unless we are masked like emergency workers. Really, it’s because they want us to think we are doomed, hoping we’d blame their biggest enemy: Donald Trump.

Why does it constantly appear like the media holds one standard for themselves and one for the rest of us? These same reporters try to make a case over Trump’s lack of a mask—yet they themselves don’t even want to wear them.

You have to wonder—what do they really care about? If they were paying attention, they’d know that the threat of the virus is long past. States are reopening. Most will be close to being back to normal by early summer. Yet the pathetic goons at CNN still want us to think that we are dropping like flies.

Only for them to live like nothing is wrong at all!

Eric Trump wasn’t the only person to point out CNN’s hypocrisy. The video was circulated all over the place, including by the White House itself. This one video was seen by over 1 million people.

Seems like Americans are fed up with how dishonest, manipulative, and just wrong the media is.

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