‘Enemy To America’ : Big Tech Giant Suppresses Leading Conservative Voice

Just days after a poll was released placing Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene as the clear winner of her ’22 midterm race, Big Tech behemoth Twitter decided to slap her with a permanent ban.

Funny how that works…

Desperate to keep populist conservatives out of the national conversation, Twitter announced Sunday that the personal account for Congresswoman Greene had been permanently suspended for “repeated violations” of the social media platform’s policy on COVID-19 vaccine “misinformation.”

‘Misinformation’ being the operative word here.

The ever-illusive and intentionally vague word has been successfully weaponized by the left to punish and censor any right-leaning or conservative voice who dare question the increasingly tyrannical COVID narrative.

It became crucial for corporate left-wing censors to immediately remove Rep. Greene from the public conversation especially given her popularity in Georgia – and nationally – amongst America First conservatives.

Twitter gave a statement to The Hill on Sunday, confirming that the account (@mtgreenee) had been permanently suspended.

We permanently suspended the account you referenced (@mtgreenee) for repeated violations of our COVID-19 misinformation policy. We’ve been clear that, per our strike system for this policy, we will permanently suspend accounts for repeated violations of the policy.

According to New York Times tech reporter Davey Alba, Twitter confirmed to him that Greene had “five strikes” against her with regard to the platform’s medical misinformation policy, and she would not be allowed to reinstate her account.

On Sunday, CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale chimed in with his two cents, staying impartial as ever (yeah right), proving once again just how benign the idea of liberal “fact checking” truly is:

Democrats wasted not a moment to publicly shame Greene after her permanent suspension, including her 2022 challenger Marcus Flowers.

Flowers has previously called for Greene to be removed from Twitter and/or the House of Representatives.

And wouldn’t you know, a mere days before Twitter announced Greene’s permanent ban a leading Democrat from the House of Representatives began virtue signaling about the Georgia Republican, demanding her expulsion from Congress.

On December 29, Congressman Jamaal Bowman, a Democrat from New York, tweeted:

Rep. Greene didn’t go down silently, and made a public statement on Telegram:

“Maxine Waters can go to the streets and threaten violence on Twitter, Kamala and Ilhan can bail out Black Lives Matter terrorists on Twitter, CNN and the rest of the Democrat Propaganda Media can spread Russia collusion lies, and just yesterday the Chief spokesman for terrorist IRGC can tweet mourning Soleimani, but I get suspended for tweeting VAERS statistics. Twitter is an enemy to America and can’t handle the truth.

Greene’s official congressional account is still active on Twitter.

Each and every freedom-loving American should be on high alert as corporate censors close in on any of us who dare question the liberal narrative currently infecting the United States.

Never comply, never give in.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth