Elizabeth Warren Demands New Leadership – Ted Cruz Humiliates Her In One Tweet

The Democrats are going all-in to take over the country in November. The same, tired insiders who ignored us for years are now demanding we remove Trump and put their guy back into power. Sen. Elizabeth Warren made a video, claiming we need “new leaders” and “new voices” in D.C. Sen. Ted Cruz shut her down with one tweet.

It’s funny to think Democrats expect us to give them all the power this November. Over the year, they have proved to us time and again that they are unfit to lead. When a global pandemic reached our shores, they took extreme measures—making the problem so much worse. When Americans demanded to return to work, Democrats arrested us, shut down our churches, and slandered us in the press.

Democrats sat back and let radical activists burn down our cities. Minneapolis alone has suffered half a billion dollars in damage, because their liberal leaders refused to act. From Seattle to New York, Democrats bow to Marxist groups who continue to tear down our history, destroy our cities, and attack regular, law-abiding Americans.

Yet they want us to vote for them in November? They must be taking crazy pills!

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a woman who has been in power for years, posted a video calling for “new leaders” and “new voices” in our government. She’s so eager for new folks to come in and clean up the mess she and other Democrats have been making for years. But does she really want new leaders? Ted Cruz doesn’t think so, and he exposed her hypocrisy with one tweet.

Warren, like the rest of the Democrats, claim they will do more for this country than Donald Trump. They are trying to blame him for decades of racism and inequality. But Warren, like all the others, conveniently forgets that Joe Biden (and most of them) have been in power much longer than Trump.

Oh, what? Trump’s been in office for almost four years? Joe Biden has been in D.C. since 1973! If Biden really cared about turning this country around, why hasn’t he done it yet? Warren claims she wants “new voices,” but backs a man that has been fooling around Washington since before many of us were even born.

Is that what Warren thinks is a “new voice”? The same tired, establishment Democrats who will do nothing but enrich themselves?

Democrats like Warren must really think we’re stupid. I don’t see her stepping down from that comfy Senate job to let a “new leader” take her place. In fact, I haven’t seen a single Democrat whose been around for decades step aside so that a younger person could take over their job. You’d think people like Biden, Warren, Pelosi, and Schumer would have let a new voice take their nomination for the upcoming election. Nope!

The same tired, corrupt, pathetic Democrats that have been milking Americans for years are still running for office. They continue to neglect their own districts and states, just to empower and enrich corporations, lobbyists, and globalists. The only time a “new” person gets into office is when they have to fight tooth and nail to remove someone like Warren from their seat.

Joe Biden is hardly a “new voice.” He was a senator for nearly four decades. He was vice president for eight years.
In fact, the only “new leader” to do anything positive for this country recently… has been Donald Trump!

Compare that to one of the left’s “new voices,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose terrible leadership cost New York a billion-dollar deal with Amazon.

Yeah, how about we just get rid of all these leftists instead?

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