Drug Cartels Pull In Staggering Amount Thanks to Democrats’ Weak Border Policies

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

The crisis at our border continues to worsen. President Trump is doing everything in his power to protect our border and end this nightmare. Democrats do nothing. But a new report has come out revealing just how much criminal organizations profit from the left’s border policies. It will shock you.

We know that our weak, Southern border is a magnet for migrants. Thousands of people from Mexico and Central America are trying to enter our country on a daily basis. Some are seeking asylum, a loophole that will allow them to stay in the U.S. Many others are simply trying to sneak across, our laws be damned.

Both cases reveal how weak and broken our immigration system is. Thanks to President Obama, migrants know they don’t have to follow our laws in order to get into the country. This has benefitted, not hard-working people in need of help, but the very worst criminal scum.

Even the New York Times admitted how many women are abused by the monsters who help them sneak into America.

In March, an eye-opening New York Times report elaborated on the humanitarian catastrophe involving migrants subjected to sexual violence and gang rape by cartels and traffickers at our beleaguered southern border. The Times reported:

… “The stories are many, and yet all too similar. Undocumented women making their way into American border towns have been beaten for disobeying smugglers, impregnated by strangers, coerced into prostitution, shackled to beds and trees and — in at least a handful of cases — bound with duct tape, rope or handcuffs.” [Source: Daily Caller]

Awful, yes. But these crimes continue, because of our broken asylum laws and a system that encourages illegal entry into the U.S. Our lack of strong border enforcement (the wall) and terrible laws only attracts more people. Those people have no choice but to go through cartels.

And how are the cartels benefitting? A new report has revealed the staggering amount of cash these criminal groups get from exploiting our border. You won’t believe it.

RAND researchers find that drug trafficking-centric transnational cartels “control primary smuggling corridors into the United States” and estimate that the total “revenues to all types of smugglers, not just [transnational cartels], from smuggling migrants from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, combined, ranged from about $200 million to about $2.3 billion in 2017.”

In other words, cartels and trafficking rings earned as much as $2.3 billion from human smuggling just in the year 2017. This is a humanitarian nightmare, and we ignore it at our peril. [Source: Daily Caller]

Criminal cartels who smuggle people into the United States made an estimated $2 billion, in 2017. These last two years have seen attempts at our border explode. Imagine how much they raked in this year alone?

Illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and sex trafficking are big business. All go on, thanks to our weak border. For years, Democrats have known about this crisis and did nothing. They didn’t care how many people suffered thanks to these monsters. Americans and outsiders alike have paid the price of the left’s unwillingness to fix our border.

Even today, with a president working to end the crisis, Democrats do nothing. They even have the audacity to accuse Trump of racism, for trying to end this horrible problem. Women are being raped and abused, drugs are flowing into our country, and criminal groups and making big bucks. Yet the Democrats refuse to even acknowledge this.

With each passing day, the problem gets worse. Without a strong barrier across our border, cartels can come and go with ease. Our ports of entry will be overwhelmed with asylum seekers, taking Border agents away from porous regions.

That makes the cartels’ job even easier.

We know these criminal groups won’t stop what they’re doing. They made $2 billion in 2017. Why would they stop? Unless our government puts an end to their gravy train, it will only get worse.

So, will Congress finally do something to end this nightmare? Or do they really not care about all the lives at stake?

Perhaps we need to spread the word to let them know we demand action. Share this so that Congress wakes up and gets the job done.

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