Dr. Seuss Is No More — Democrats Threw Him Out The Door

Six Dr. Seuss books have been removed from publication after progressives whined about their “racist” undertones and imagery.

Here’s the list of offending books: ‘McElligot’s Pool’, ‘If I Ran The Zoo’, ‘On Beyond Zebra!’, ‘Scrambled Eggs Super!’, ‘Mulberry Street’, and ‘The Cat’s Quizzer’

No specific examples of racist imagery or language have yet been offered by the publisher, nor the White House which excluded Dr. Seuss from it’s proclamation during the traditional Read Across America Day speech.

The publisher claims that ending sales of the books is in keeping with their “commitment” to making sure that all contents of their catalogue are representative and supportive of “all communities and families.”

Next up, crayon boxes will bill banned by liberals for containing underrepresented numbers of black crayons.

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