“Domestic Terrorist” Parents Strike Back Against Merrick Garland

If Attorney General Merrick Garland truly believed he was going to get away with labeling parents as “domestic terrorists” he was sadly mistaken.

The modern day Republican Party isn’t that of the stogey old GOP of year’s past. The America First lawmakers who ardently follow Trump’s platform aren’t afraid of confrontation with deep state officials, especially if individual rights are in question.

On Thursday, Rep. Jim Jordan, arguably the greatest follower of Trump’s America First policies, demanded that the FBI submit any records related to counterterrorism tools that the agency used against parents expressing outrage at school boards.

Jordan, who serves as ranking member on the Judiciary Committee, sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray detailing the committee’s requests after Jordan published multiple whistleblower emails earlier in this week.

The emails reveal FBI’s counterterrorism and criminal divisions had created a “threat tag” for FBI officials to apply to investigations into threats made against school administrators.

“We are investigating the troubling attempts by the Department of Justice and the White House to use the heavy hand of federal law enforcement to target concerned parents at local school board meetings and chill their protected First Amendment activity,” the letter begins.

Read a copy of the letter below:

The Ohio Republican asked Wray for a record of the number of parents who have received a “threat tag,” which the whistleblower showed was labeled “EDUOFFICIALS.” He also asked for all documents and communications relating to the education tag and to any investigations of “school board threats sent or received by” the FBI’s counterterrorism assistant directors.

Jordan’s demands come as a follow-up to a request House Judiciary Committee Republicans made to Wray on November 3 for documents and communications relating to any activity the FBI had engaged in at the prompting of Garland’s October 4 memo.

The move to target parents concerned with left-wing indoctrination of their children comes as a concerted effort from the Biden administration to ramp up enforcement efforts against those they claim “domestic terrorists,” but are really just conservative Trump supporters.

This move is unprecedented in the scope of American history.

Never has the controlling party instituted such a systematic legal attack against a Former President and his supporters.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney