Domestic Terrorism Reaches Terrifying New Heights

Far-Left violence continues to ramp up under Joe Biden’s presidency. On Saturday, “anti-fascist” protestors took to the streets in D.C during a Black History Month march. The leftist rioters were seen clashing with police, harassing outdoor diners and threatening to “burn” down the nation’s Capitol. 

The march, organized by the “Total Liberation Collective and the Palm Collective” made it’s way through central D.C, distributing far-left propaganda and delivering nonsensical lectures about race in America. The protestors proceeded to list their demands and promised to “burn down” the Capitol if they are not met. 

Using Democrat logic, Joe Biden is entirely at fault with these acts of violence on our nation’s precious Capitol. Where’s Nancy Pelosi with another rushed impeachment?!

As you can imagine, this group did not maintain a friendly demeanor with the police and many skirmishes broke out throughout the night. A number of the clashes were caught on video and posted to social media by dedicated journalists.

Although the protest was largely led by representatives of “Black Lives Matter,” a number of Antifa can be seen mixed in, waving their signature black and red flags. 

“We are here tonight because black lives matter,” the group announced following their ongoing harassment of outdoor diners. “Despite black lives mattering, black people are still dying at the hands of the police paid for by our tax dollars.”

The riot on Saturday night was the latest in a series of “anti-fascist” far-left demonstrations that begun just as Joe Biden assumed office in January. The riots have largely gone unreported by the liberal mainstream media outlets. 

These protests have surprisingly been aimed at many Democrats. Liberal cities such as Portland and Seattle has seen a massive uptick in Left-Wing violence against members of the Democratic Party. Anti-Biden graffiti can be seen everywhere, and an attack on the Democratic Party Headquarters happened soon after Biden’s inauguration.

“Anti-fascist” rioters targeted an ICE enforcement agency late last month, triggering a federal response. Then-President Trump received a bevy of backlash when he deployed federal agents to rightfully defend government property, yet Biden’s use of federal agents has gone unreported and even celebrated. Mainstream media proving once again they will protect Biden at all costs. 

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