Disturbing Rumor Swirling About Fed-Up Supreme Court Justice

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is one of the most conservative justices on the bench. He has served on the court for nearly thirty years, faithfully upholding the Constitution. But rumors surfaced this week that the stalwart leader is about to retire. His own former clerk, Carrie Severino, just set the record straight.

Long before the left tried to destroy the life of Supreme Court nominee (now Justice) Brett Kavanaugh, they tried to do it to Clarence Thomas. In fact, they used the same tactics against Thomas back in the 90s. While Thomas was being vetted for the Supreme Court, Democrats accused the conservative, pro-life judge of sexual assault. Sound familiar? (Democrats have nothing original to say or do.)

Thomas weathered the assaults to become one of the most influential and important justices on the court. With President Trump in office, Thomas has played a key role in giving the court a slim conservative majority.

But this week, rumors have swirled that Thomas (or Justice Alito) might be seeking early retirement. If one or both leave the bench, it leaves the court up for grabs. President Trump would have to replace conservative justices, rather than liberal ones. And—if by some nightmare Biden was elected—he would be able to flip the court.

Are these rumors true? Is Clarence Thomas about to abandon the court? Well, one of his clerks spoke up.

Rumors of Justice Clarence Thomas planning to retire are false, said Carrie Severino, who clerked for Thomas on the Supreme Court…

Severino said, “Every year, around this time, we start hearing some of the same rumors. You heard them last year, the same ones. From my perspective — and I know Justice Thomas well, I clerked for him — I can tell you [with] one hundred percent certainty, that rumor, there is nothing to it…

I just feel like both are really are the top of their game. I would find it hard to imagine either of them saying, ‘Okay, it’s time to hang up my spurs.’” [Source: Breitbart]

Washington loves to spread unsubstantiated rumors about key figures. It seems like there are too many people in D.C. who crave attention, so they make crap up just to get into the limelight. There has been no evidence that Clarence Thomas is eager to step away from a role he’s faithfully served for years. In fact, we’ve seen the justice speak out much more frequently in recent months.

He torched the court’s decision to overrule a pro-life law in Louisiana. His fiery rebuke even called out Roe v. Wade as un-Constitutional. It seems unlikely that a man so passionate about his job and the future of this country would so quickly turn tail and run.

But it makes sense these rumors are surfacing, right now. Democrats are desperate to find anything that might fire up their base. They are staging protests nationwide, hoping that they would motivate some voters. They are spreading bogus polls, hoping to give Biden a bump.

Would it be a surprised that they’d spread rumors that two conservative justices were retiring, giving Biden a huge hole to fill if he’s elected?

Come on, you know it’s true. Right now, the left is trying every trick in their book to clinch the election. They know it’s an uphill battle. Incumbents don’t lose very often (unless they’re Democrats in the House). And Trump has such a passionate base; Biden can’t rival it at all. Their goons in the media are doing what they can to squeeze every last bit of support from apathetic Democrat voters.

So, of course, they’d say Alito or Thomas is about to retire, not Ruth Bader Ginsberg (who is 87 and frequently suffers physical ailments).

Let’s all just take this “news” (and anymore rumors) with a pinch of salt.

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