Disturbing: Joe Stares and Smirks at Reporters, Refusing to Answer Questions

Just who is in charge of the White House, these days? It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves many times over the last year. But the evidence keeps mounting up, convincing us that the old man with white hair is definitely not the boss. Since before the election, we’ve seen signs that Joe Biden is suffering from a form of mental decline. Yet his party still propped him up for some reason.

I think we know that reason. Biden is not really in charge, but just a puppet for his party. He blindly supports an agenda that pleases the far left and special interest groups. That might have been true for many Democrat presidents in the past. But old Joe is having a very bad time hiding that fact. And it is much worse than Obama, Clinton, or any other politician.

Don’t believe me? Watch the video below. Joe Biden just gave yet another awkward, confused, and tired speech about COVID. His administration continues to fail to provide a strategy to deal with the virus. But after his meaningless, bumbled words, reporters bombarded him with questions. Par for the course for a president. But just watch what he does.

Just what is going on with Joe Biden? In this clip, he sits and ignores the questions asked him. Worse still, he stares blankly at the press as they speak, eventually smirking at them. Either he is the most arrogant man alive, mocking the press by refusing to speak. Or he was told not to answer their questions by the people really calling the shots.

That’s not far from the truth. Biden has often said he’s “not allowed” to answer questions. He even once said he’d “get in trouble” for taking questions. Other times, his handlers removed him from the room or shouted over reporters. When he does answer questions off the cuff, he sounds bad. Very bad. That’s when he’s not losing his temper when asked something tough.

I guess his handlers got tired of trying to help him sound coherent and in control when they let him answer questions. Biden, after all, is just a puppet for the party. He’s just supposed to look “presidential” before the cameras and sign their bogus bills into law. They didn’t expect him to crash so quickly, so badly. The man is clearly losing it. But Democrats can’t admit it, or they will destroy whatever credibility they have left.

This little moment should be raising alarm bells for the entire country. We don’t have a real president making decisions. The man can’t even answer questions from reporters! He looks like he belongs in a nursing home, not the White House. And we’re supposed to be okay with this?

Why is the media still protecting this man? Why are Democrats pretending like he’s really in control? Why don’t they just come clean? It would be good for all of us if they just admitted Biden was out of his mind and unfit to govern.

But they won’t even try that. They are trapped. They either admit Biden is a figurehead, which would doom their 2022 chances. Or they keep him doddering along, neglecting our crises while pretending to be in charge. Which will also doom their chances.

Author: Pete Houndsen