Disgraced Governor Breaks His Own COVID Rules — Again

When will Gavin Newsom ever learn? If you prevent the people in your state from dining in restaurants, perhaps you should stay out of them as well? At the very least don’t post the evidence of your hypocrisy on your own social media! 

The California liberal has enraged people in his own state after he was seen – yet again – inside a restaurant after banning everyone else from doing so. Newsom posted a video on TikTok from inside a Fresno restaurant, informing Californians how to get vaccinated. The internet erupted just minutes after the governor was seen potentially enjoying a meal indoors. 

The video shows the befallen governor bantering with celebrity chef George Lopez on vaccines. The duo were wearing masks. 

The backlash was so immense, the Governor’s office was forced to respond: 

“I need to practice what I preach, not just preach,” Newsom said, attempting to apologize for his hypocrisy.  

Newsom has enacted some of the most restrictive pandemic policies since the virus struck. Nonetheless, the Governor has been seen inside of arguably California’s ritziest restaurant dining with 10+ colleagues. 

The befallen Democrat is facing serious backlash in his home state as a recall effort against him makes serious ground. 

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