Despite the Virus, These Three States Are Moving Ahead with the Primaries

With all eyes on the spread of the Chinese Virus, people have forgotten a primary election is underway. That might be good news for Joe Biden, who is reducing his appearances because of his many gaffes. But the process still must go on. While many states have postponed their primary voting dates, three are moving forward.

This primary season has been a mess since day one. Early last year, when candidates announced their runs, Americans were underwhelmed. The early debates revealed the liberal candidates were more concerned with winning votes from non-residents (speaking in Spanish several times), than Americans.

As time moved on, we saw a lack of enthusiasm among liberal voters. The media refused to declare a frontrunner until much recently. Honestly, the only candidate that seemed to have any momentum was Bernie Sanders—who enjoyed large rallies in deep blue states.

But the powers that be seem to be robbing him yet again of the nomination. After his win in South Carolina, Joe Biden was thrust into frontrunner status. It was a ploy by the establishment to keep Bernie out of the driver’s seat. Despite the fact that Joe Biden’s mind seems to be slipping and he refuses to speak for more than seven minutes.

Now, with the coronavirus shutting down everything from schools to restaurants, the fate of the primaries is in question. Numerous states have postponed their voting—to resume at a yet unannounced date. But three states will not be postponing. The question is though, will anyone show up?

While the polls will be closed in Ohio, contests in Arizona, Florida, and Illinois – will go forward on Tuesday.

And that could give Democratic presidential nomination front-runner Joe Biden a chance to deliver a potential knockout blow to Sen. Bernie Sanders – who’s fighting to avoid elimination from the White House race. [Source: Fox News]

Florida, Arizona, and Illinois will hold their primary votes today. But we should expect significantly low turnout, given ongoing concerns for the Chinese Virus. Will Democrats (who seem to be more worried about the virus than Republicans) brave their polling stations, even for a few minutes?

The voluntary lockdown recommended by the government runs through the end of the month. The federal government isn’t forcing a mandatory shutdown. But they are strongly urging Americans to stay at home, limit exposure to others, and reduce the amount of time they are around crowds.

These are critical steps that will reduce the spread of COVID-19. You’d think polling stations would be the first place people would avoid, as they would be forced to stand in line for a period of time.

How will the low turnout affect the primaries? We know regardless of the virus, Florida is a lock for Biden. There are enough liberal voters from Cuba who detest Sanders’ praise of Castro. But Arizona and Illinois could be critical for the socialist. He might have scored enough delegates to keep going until the summer.

But all that is in question. The campaigns have not been hosting events. There have been no rallies, perhaps no door-to-door canvassing. Will either candidate see enough support to even claim victory?

If the turnout is low enough, and the results razor-thin, then expect Sanders’ camp to stage a riot. These people already promised to revolt if Sanders didn’t get the nomination.

What will they do if the coronavirus ends up costing them the nomination? I can only imagine.

But in a primary race that has lacked a real star, real enthusiasm, and real vision, this virus just might be the killing blow to the Democratic Party.

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