Despite Relentless Virtue Signaling, Democrats Refuse To Pass Police Reform

The death of George Floyd cast new light on police brutality. Many Americans defied COVID restrictions to protest, demanding police reform. Democrats applauded the movement, even turning a blind eye to riots and looting. But even with a Democrat majority, California’s state government couldn’t be bothered to pass a single bill.

Not that long ago, Democrats in the Senate killed a police reform bill by black Republican Sen. Tim Scott. For all their virtue signaling and demonstrations of support for Americans, these liberals deliberately prevented real reform, by filibustering.

Democrats across the country claimed to support black Americans as they marched, rioted, and looted their own cities. Liberals even went as far as to defund police departments, in an apparent attempt to “punish” cops for the sins of a few.

Many Americans agreed there should be reforms to police departments, while not cutting funding.

But when given the opportunity, California Democrats refused to pass a single reform bill.

California Democrats failed to pass any major police reforms before the end of the legislative session despite having supermajorities in both houses of the state legislature, adjourning early Tuesday morning with little to show…

Legislators did not advance a spate of policing bills introduced following nationwide protests over racial inequality after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody. [Source: Breitbart]

Aren’t these the same idiots that banned plastic straws? They were able to pass that pointless bill, but when it came time to pass a bill to hold bad cops accountable and protect citizens, they did nothing.

Once again, we see Democrats only pay lip service to true victims and the cause of racial equality. Sure, they’ll march alongside Black Lives Matter and raise their fists in the air. But when it comes time to actually do something meaningful, that might actually help people, they fail.

Sure, Democrats are happy to brutally slash police budgets, ensuring good cops can’t do their job. But two bills died in the California legislature. One would have stripped badges from cops who break the law. The other would have punished cops that use excessive force, sexual assault, and discrimination.

Aren’t those bills Democrats should be supporting? Don’t they care about getting bad cops out of the force?

Not really. In fact, they’d rather have a lot of bad cops out there, hurting victims. That way, they can keep defunding cops, making sure the streets are just too dangerous.

You see, the goal for Democrats isn’t a safe and prosperous America. It’s a socialist America. One of the ways a group can steal more power from a country is to let society fall apart. If crime it out-of-control, Democrats can justify expanding their power. A big part of that is making cops look bad, so they can just get rid of them.

When California is a total cesspool of crime, poverty, and despair, there won’t be anyone left to fight Democrat’s 100% takeover of society.

(Not forgetting their gated communities and towns are immune, of course.)

It’s in Democrats’ best interest to talk the talk, but never walk the walk. That’s why D.C. Democrats killed Scott’s bill. And that’s why a state with a liberal supermajority refused to pass police reform.

Makes you wonder why we even keep these fools around?

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