Desperate Jan. 6 Witch Hunters Plan PR Spectacle Around Trump Records

Democrats are so incredibly desperate to keep the Jan. 6 hoax in the minds of American voters they are willing to abandon all professional ethics to keep Donald Trump in the hot seat.

They want nothing more to see the Former President behind bars, and making his records private will bring more voters back to their cause — at least they hope.

As Trump’s MAGA agenda has its resurgence, Democrats are angling for any possible strategy to finally squash the movement once and for all — but there’s one glaring problem.

Americans can clearly see the effects of liberalism going full speed, exemplified in Biden’s policies, which have caused mass devastation in only one year’s time. Everything is more expensive, restrictive pandemic measures are still in place, and it appears a dark cloud of hopelessness has blanketed the country.

So in a last-ditch effort to keep as many voters submissive and on the side of evil, the Jan. 6 House Select Committee has vowed to publicize all of Trump’s private executive records relating to the Captiol protest.

Rep. Bennie Thompson, top witch hunter, said potentially hundreds of pages of records will be made public, Bloomberg reported.

“As soon as we can go through them, and figure out what we can and can’t — we will do it,” Thompson said.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court failed to throttle the illegal witch hunt campaign against Donald Trump. They rejected the Former President’s request to block the release of White House records sought by the partisan panel as litigation about executive privilege plays out.

The ruling essentially enables the committee to seize a number of records produced by the Trump administration pertaining to the events on Jan. 6 — an unprecedented move worthy of serious concern.

Thompson’s comment about the records being made public reaffirms the belief that Democrats hope to keep the Jan. 6 events on voters’ minds as long as possible before November’s midterm elections.

One committee aide recently revealed the panel was mulling prime-time, televised hearings on the incident in an attempt to “reach as many people as we can.”

Thompson gave no timetable for the records’ release, and added the panel was “anxiously awaiting” receipt of about 800 pages of material being turned over by the National Archives.

The White House records include visitor and call logs, emails, draft speeches, and handwritten notes.

Without any legal justification, Committee members have issued subpoenas for anyone and everyone tangentially associated with Trump, including his children and former legal team.

This level of federal overreach is a brazen abuse of power handed down by the most corrupt D.C. officials this country has ever employed.

We can only hope Republicans don’t shy away from using the same force against the evil Democrats after the ’22 midterms.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth