DeSantis Takes Justice Into His Own Hands After Fauci Is Exposed In Another Scandal

It’s safe to say that Anthony Fauci’s star is falling. Americans no longer trust the man who advocated for crippling lockdowns, mask mandates, and forced vaccinations. His reputation was shattered when leaked emails suggested he funded the Wuhan research that helped produce COVID-19. But until recently, he has seemingly been able to avoid the consequences.

But an unlikely, and horrific, scandal just might be his undoing.

#ArrestFauci has been trending ever since a whistleblower group revealed a project that man’s institute helped fund. The NIAID provided over $400,000 to a Tunisian group that conducted cruel experiments on beagle puppies. When word spread about this inhumane project, lawmakers began demanding answers.

Now, Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis is speaking out.

“And then come to find out, what else is Fauci and NIH doing?” DeSantis said. “They’re doing cruel experiments on puppies. What they were doing with those puppies, is flat-out disgusting. It’s despicable, that needs to stop. I cannot believe American tax dollars would go to treat those dogs the way those dogs are be[ing] treated. And, you know, I really think Fauci needs to be held accountable.”

“These people, these bureaucrats, they don’t get to just run wild and do whatever the hell they want to with our tax dollars,” DeSantis continued. “And so from funding gain of function research, to treating these puppies with really unimaginable cruelty, I think that whole lot of them need to be cleaned out and we need to be standing up for the American taxpayer and doing things ethically and not doing things like gain of function research and certainly not abusing puppies.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Ron DeSantis, an up-and-coming GOP figure and leading voice among American governors, called out Fauci over the NIH’s funding for gain of function research and his support of cruel experiments on puppies. He demanded that this, who has thus far eluded accountability, be held responsible for his actions.

DeSantis went on to say that Fauci and everyone involved in these scandals need to be removed for their jobs, “cleaned out” from these taxpayer-funded organizations.

The governor is not alone in his sentiment. A bipartisan group of lawmakers sent a letter to Fauci, demanding answers over the most recent revelations out of Tunisia. A growing group of Americans, sick and tired of Fauci’s dishonesty, want the man fired and arrested.

But will Fauci finally face the consequences of his actions? He has, so far, been able to avoid accountability thanks to his connection to the White House. Joe Biden hired the man to be an advisor on the pandemic. But he has only been good at appearing on CNN to soak up more attention. Little Fauci has done has actually helped the problem. This is the same man, by the way, who criticized the vaccines while they were being developed.

Unless the White House is willing to step in and fire Fauci, calling for investigations, nothing might get done. The man might be able to slither out of this scandal, as he has before. But something tells me even Biden won’t be able to ignore what Fauci did to those puppies.

Author: Mark Anderson