DeSantis Stuns Crowd After Putting Biden In His Place

Republican officials take notes. This is how you speak up against a failed tyrannical administration hell-bent on destroying kids lives, stripping rights away from parents, and keeping the country on lockdown.

Never before has a Republican governor spoken up in such defiance over the radical policies coming from the White House.

The Florida Governor’s statements come after Joe Biden make accusations claiming he and Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott are getting in the way of the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 “delta variant.”

DeSantis confirmed: “I am standing in your way…”

DeSantis’s comments come after a speech from Biden on Tuesday in which the president implored DeSantis and Abbott to “use [their] power to save lives” or get out of the way.

The Florida Republican shot back immediately, highlighting Biden’s utter failure on the US-Mexico border.

“Why don’t you do your job? Why don’t you get this border secure?” DeSantis asked.

DeSantis has repeatedly clashed with groups inside and outside his state that object to his ban on mask mandates and other compulsory COVID-19 restrictions.

Despite DeSantis’s policy, Broward County Public Schools announced it would institute a mask mandate for students and staff. The school district quickly abandoned the plan after the governor threatened to withhold government funding.

Author: Asa McCue