DeSantis Destroys Critics, Trolls Biden Like Never Before

The heartlessness of most liberals is actually quite astonishing, if not completely expected at this point.

Luckily for all of us paying attention, there exists a cadre of brave elected officials – all of them Republicans, all of them adherents to Trump’s MAGA agenda – who are willing to speak truth to the propagandist powers that be and will fight back against the media class hellbent on our destruction.

Rockstar Republican and Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis is notably the second-coming of Trump in his delivery and treatment of the hostile media, who routinely seeks any angle to knock his success.

On Monday, Gov. DeSantis absolutely demolished his critics who accused him of being absent on vacation when he was actually attending his wife’s cancer treatments.

In October, Casey DeSantis announced her breast cancer diagnosis, assuring she would “end up good on the other end of it.”

Among the critics was Democrat gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried.

DeSantis was asked about constant reports of his absence, to which he delivered a line so brutal and hilarious there’s no chance Biden’s White House handlers will allow him to hear it.

“I guess I should have been at the beach in Delaware. They would have been really happy about that,” DeSantis joked.

DeSantis said that he only caught word many thought he was on vacation last Wednesday.

“And I just looked at my wife. I’m like, going to the hospital with you is not a vacation for you, I know that. And it’s not a vacation; this is something that, as a husband, I think that I should be doing,” the Florida governor said.

“I have accompanied her to all her chemotherapy treatments, and she’s there for a long time. I’m there most of the time. It’s a draining thing. When she’s done with it, you know, it’s not something that’s great to see.”

Fried, who is the current agricultural commissioner, criticized DeSantis over the weekend, implying she would “show up” unlike him.

What a vile and despicable human being this creations Democrat is.

But, really, who’s surprised?

Author: Sebastian Hayworth