Desantis Brings Down The Hammer On Communist China

Republicans – especially those under Donald Trump’s wing – are increasingly taking action against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP.) 

Following Trump’s lead,  Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis unveiled a monumental bill aimed at corrupt foreign influences attempting to take hold in the U.S, specifically China. The bill targets countries who routinely steal trade secrets and violate intellectual property law, while making it illegal for schools and businesses to accept large donations from seven specified countries.  

“We need to stand firm against the Chinese Communist Party and take action against foreign interference and influence in American public affairs,” DeSantis said on Monday. 

The legislation will strengthen institutional vetting and apply common sense reforms to the hiring process, namely in the Florida Department of Education, which is the CCP’s primary target. 

DeSantis is specifically mirroring the Trump administration’s effort to end the Confucius Institutie’s influence on American universities. The governor’s bill will stop tax dollars from being for this effort. 

The bill also requires any school, company, or government entity to report any gift greater than $50,000 either directly or indirectly from any foreign government or person, and it requires stronger review and vetting of travel and research tied to foreign entities.

Violations will require firms to pay 105% of the illegal donation back to the state of Florida.

The seven foreign countries of concern in the bill are:

  • China
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Russia
  • Syria
  • Venezuela

Gov. DeSantis has also been a pioneer in fighting back against Big Tech. 

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