Dems Panic as Trump Support Surges in This Key Group

Democrats have been pushing their impeachment inquiry for over a month. The liberal media is saying it is hurting the president—especially among Americans. Some polls claim he’s losing support from a crucial demographic, one that could cost him re-election.

But a report shatters the left’s claims and is putting 2020 Democrats on high alert.

I think it’s safe to say we shouldn’t trust traditional polls. You probably remember that the leading polls in 2016 all had Trump losing to Hillary Clinton. Even polls put out by “conservative” news outlets had him losing by a big margin. Then he won big time, humiliating every establishment “expert.”

We know why these polls were wrong. The people conducting them had liberal biases and were selectively polling people, getting the results they want. Even to this day, we see the same trend. From approval polls to 2020 forecasts, all polls seem to be saying the same thing: Trump is doomed.

But what is really going on? We can see how much America loves or hates Trump just by seeing how they behave. How did a packed stadium of college football fans react to Trump? Oh, they cheered him. How many people show up at his rallies? So many that they can’t even fit inside the venues.

And what about donations? This might be the biggest factor in judging enthusiasm for a candidate. After all, people are only willing to open their wallets if they really believe in a candidate. A new report reveals a key demographic is topping support for Donald Trump. In fact, he’s getting the most big-dollar donations from them over every other candidate.

The left should be sweating.

While mainstream media are reporting some polls that suggest Trump is losing the support of women, the report by Open Secrets, part of the Center for Responsive Politics, shows the president has over 10,500 large-dollar contributions from women in suburbs, and has received $8,293,135 from them – the largest amount than any of the Democrat 2020 candidates.

“Suburban women, who power a significant electoral battleground, are a key demographic for 2020,” wrote Grace Haley at the research group that tracks money in U.S. politics. “Since Trump’s inauguration, more than 7,000 women in suburban districts have given large-dollar contributions to his campaign. That totals $8 million, the most of all candidates.”

Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner, drew attention to the Open Secrets report.

He noted that 28 percent of Trump’s “itemized contributions” were from women in 2016.

“For the 2020 election, they are 35 [percent],” Bedard reported. [Source: Breitbart]

You may have heard about polls that say women are disapproving of President Trump. Really? I guess the liberal pollsters didn’t talk to these suburban women, who have given the most money to the Trump campaign. In fact, through their support alone, he’s raked in over $8 million.

Tell me again how women are abandoning the president?

In fact, contributions from women are rising for Trump, compared to 2016. That means he’s gaining support, not losing it.

Why is this demographic so key? For many reasons, but here’s a big one. For years, the left has accused Trump of being a sexist monster. They still talk about the old “grab her by the you-know-what” audio. Liberals try very hard to get women to hate Trump, making them believe he is a bully and woman-hater.

Yet, after all their fake news against him, Trump is enjoying more support from suburban women than any other candidate. That includes several female Democratic candidates.

These women will be first in line to vote come 2020. And they will encourage many in their communities to flock the polling booths. Suburban women are a key group that can sway the election in many districts. And we see that they are shelling out big bucks… for Donald Trump.

This report is far more accurate than some poll because we see the hard numbers. Most polls ask a few people (less than 1,000) and then make guesses. There’s no guessing with this report. Trump is on top.

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