Dems Panic After Kenosha Elects First Republican Executive

You’ve probably heard that the upcoming midterm elections are going to go very poorly for Democrats. All signs point that voters will rush to the polls in November, eager to send Joe Biden and his party a message. Democrats are facing massive losses in Congress. They might even lose their majority in the Senate.

There is no mystery why this could happen. Since 2020, Democrats have shown their true colors. That of power-hungry dictators who want nothing more than to lock you up in your home, shut down your child’s education, and rob you of a good-paying job. Biden has made things so much worse, ensuring that America’s wealth flows into China’s pockets.

If you needed more signs that Democrats are in trouble, just look at this. A region that was rocked by liberal-backed riots in 2020 just elected its first Republican executive.

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, where riots reportedly caused $50 million of damage with at least 40 businesses destroyed and 100 damaged after the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, the town just elected its first-ever GOP executive…

Kerkman told WisPolitics that the biggest issue contributing to her victory was “public safety, wanting to feel safe in our county,” adding voters approved of her decades in Madison…

“In her position as county executive, Kerkman will also appoint and supervise county department heads and appoint non-elected members to all of the county’s boards and commissions,” KATV noted. [Source: Daily Wire]

Kenosha County just elected a Republican to the post of county executive for the first time. This job is responsible for supervising county departments and appointing department heads. These, of course, will be responsible for things like public safety, infrastructure, and law enforcement. Isn’t that funny? A city that was nearly destroyed by Black Lives Matter rioters elected a Republican to ensure public safety?

What does that tell you? That (perhaps for the first time in some places) Democrats are paying for their actions. Americans are seeing Democrats’ policies failing in real-time. They have no excuses for the collapsing economy, rising crime, runaway inflation, open border, and more. Americans are witnessing just how bad things can get when corrupt, globalist-loving liberals have total control.

And Americans are responding by voting these idiots out of office in droves.

Many Democrats already see the writing on the wall. Over thirty Democrats are retiring from the House this year. Mind you, Pelosi only has a five-seat majority in the lower chamber. Unless she can come up with 30 new candidates that can win—in this climate—she is toast. On top of that, Republicans have been mounting an aggressive campaign ever since 2020.

This Kenosha upset follows major upsets in last year’s elections. Virginia elected a Republican governor for the first time in years. Seattle elected a Republican as city attorney. What might happen next?

Don’t be surprised when countless upsets are seen all across the country, this Fall.

Author: Bo Dogan