Dems Blink as They Withdraw Impeachment Resolution Vote

Earlier this week, Nancy Pelosi said a formal vote over an “impeachment resolution” would be held today before the entire House.

This vote would set rules for the already occurring impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump. Yet the second-in-command Democrat just signaled he would not support the vote. It seems Democrats don’t even know what they’re doing—as this charade marches on.

Boy, all this impeachment talk is getting confusing, isn’t it? Democrats want us to believe they are only steps away from “taking down” Donald Trump. Yet we are very far from anything resembling real impeachment.

Pelosi and Schiff’s “impeachment inquiry” is little more than kabuki theater. Schiff holds closed-door meetings, hoping to find some kind of dirt that proves the left’s allegation that Trump pressured Ukraine to help him hurt Joe Biden. But we all know that he didn’t—he released the transcript and everything!

All these hearings and testimonies won’t change the fact that the president did nothing wrong. But the Democrats continue as if this was a real impeachment. The only problem? The House never voted on articles of impeachment. In fact, articles of impeachment against Trump were put forward three times already. Every time they were voted down.

Pelosi said this Thursday she would hold a vote on a resolution, so that the entire House would be able to formalize the inquiry. It might make this thing official and give Republicans a fair role. But already it seems this was just a sham, as Steny Hoyer is contradicting the Speaker big time.

House Democrats’ second in command, Steny Hoyer (D-MD) refused to commit to putting the Democrats’ impeachment plan to a floor vote…

Hoyer seemed to indicate… that he’d been left in the dark on the draft impeachment resolution, telling reporters that he was unable to give any further details on what was involved in the “resolution” or when the House might take a formal vote on it…

“This is not an impeachment resolution,” Hoyer continued. “I don’t know what an impeachment resolution is.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Seems like Hoyer isn’t too eager to vote on Pelosi’s resolution, whatever that is. This comes after Republicans argued over this piece of legislation. It gives little power to Republican congressmen and guarantees zero due process to Donald Trump. The main things that the White House was demanding.

All this amounts to more nonsense from the left. Pelosi and House Democrats are too cowardly to even vote on their own resolution.

Monday, when Pelosi made her statements, however, Democrats were counting on a Thursday vote and were proceeding as if the voting calendar was ironclad. Wednesday morning, however, it became clear that Democrats won’t be bringing the “impeachment resolution” up for a vote on Thursday, or perhaps, given that most legislators leave town to return to their home districts Thursday night, at any time this week. [Source: Daily Wire]

So they’re not going to vote on this resolution, after all? Dems, what the hell are you doing? You keep telling us you want to impeach Donald Trump. That’s a big deal. It affects ALL of us. Yet you are 100% not transparent about what you’re doing.

Why should we take anything you guys do seriously, when you can’t even commit to a simple vote. Is any of this real?

The answer, of course, is no. None of the left’s impeachment circus is real, nor will it have any impact on the Trump presidency.

They have no evidence of crimes or misdemeanors done by Trump. Enough House Democrats (from Trump states) won’t vote without real dirt. They can’t even vote on a resolution, let alone a real impeachment.

So, they just continue to drag this out so the fake news will have ammunition against the president. But clearly, it’s not working.

If they think this is going to hurt his chances in 2020, they are dreaming. President Trump is in the best position to win re-election. The left’s schemes only make them look petty and pathetic.

If they were smart, they would have never started this charade in the first place.

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