Democrats Want Statues Removed — Americans Fight Back

Since the riots of early Summer, leftists have been fighting to erase America’s national identity. They have been tearing down statues, defacing monuments, and calling for the removal of historical landmarks. Democrats have been all too eager to support them. President Trump and his supporters are against such a move. And new poll reveals what Americans think of their historical leaders.

Let’s get one thing straight: the move to tear down statues of America’s leaders isn’t about racism. If that were the case, these radical idiots wouldn’t be attacking statues of Lincoln, Winston Churchill, or famed abolitionists. At the height of the riots this Summer, leftists were tearing down or vandalizing anything sitting on a platform.

It was a concerted effort to destroy statues of America’s finest leaders (or allies). The goal was obvious: to create so much chaos that our leaders would—out of “respect” for protesters—vote to remove statues of our founding fathers. Democrats followed the script exactly, showing support for violent anarchists who hate our history.

President Trump and Republicans refused to fall for it. For years, Trump has been against the erasing of our history. He correctly predicted that the removal of Confederate statues wouldn’t stop there. That these leftists would want our Found Fathers gone as well.

And now a new poll reveals what Americans really think about our founding fathers.

The latest Fox News survey asks voters how they view the country’s Founders. Sixty-three percent see them as heroes, while 15 percent say villains. Another 15 percent say it depends and 7 percent gave no opinion…

Overall, voters want to hold on to historical memorials.

By a 57-point margin, they think monuments and statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson should stay up (73 percent) rather than be taken down (16 percent). [Source: Fox News]

The largest groups to consider our Founding Fathers heroes were conservatives. But even out of those considering themselves “very liberal,” only 37% were most inclined to call them “villains.” That suggest that most Americans, while sharing different political views, don’t think of the men who founded our country as enemies. They, in fact, consider them heroes.

An overwhelming 73% don’t want statues of men like Washington and Jefferson to be taken down. That’s a big enough margin to conclude that the movement to tear down our statues is not supported by a vast majority of Americans.

So, why are Democrats backing this idiotic scheme? Well, Democrats have been backing plenty of terrible, insane, and pointless schemes ever since Trump entered office. In fact, you can say they have been pushing anything they think will give them an upper hand against the president.

If Trump does something, they do the opposite. It doesn’t matter if Americans are on Trump’s side, Democrats will automatically oppose him.

Long ago, Trump signaled his support for preserving our history and keeping our statues in place. During the recent protests, he promised 10 years in prison for anyone that vandalizes a historical monument.

Democrats, in response, have supported radical activists that graffitied the Lincoln memorial, burned an American flag on a toppled Washington statue, and tried to tear down the statue of Andrew Jackson.

Gee, I wonder if that’s a winning strategy, Democrats?

For years, Democrats in the media have tried to tarnish our country’s history and identity. Why? So that they could convince Americans of supporting a plan to replace it with socialism. You can’t force socialism onto a country full of proud, patriotic, and thriving people. That’s exactly why Democrats are embracing BLM, Antifa, and these statue-hating radicals. They hope to get Biden into the White House, who will gladly eradicate our prosperity, freedom, and history.

The only thing standing in their way, is us.

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