Democrats Use Stunning New Manipulation Tactics To Get What They Want

Do Democrats have the best ideas for running the country? Of course not. Right now, we are seeing just how badly Democrats’ decisions hurt America. Joe Biden’s economy is in the toilet, inflation is rising, and illegals are flooding over the border.

So, why do Americans bother with Democrats at all? Because they are masters at manipulating people’s emotions.

Just think about it. One person died last year and the Democrats got their followers to burn down major U.S. cities. Democrats always jump on a tragedy, crime, or problem and use it to push their terrible ideas. They exploit Americans when they are vulnerable, convincing them that their socialist agenda is the right thing for the country.

Only after the damage is done do Americans realize the mistake they made.

Texas just took a big step in securing residents’ 2nd Amendment rights. Democrats were always against it. Now, they are demanding Gov. Abbott veto the bill. Why? Because of another “tragedy” in mis-managed Austin.

Texas Democrats are asking Gov. Greg Abbott (R) to veto constitutional carry legislation following the June 12, 2021, shooting on Sixth Street in Austin…

Rep. Vikki Goodwin (D-Austin) sent a letter to Abbott, writing:

“I am asking you to please veto HB 1927, the permitless carry bill… But many Texans will see this decision as a seal of approval on the practice of solving disputes with guns, and I am sure that this is not the message you intend to send.”

Goodwin also referenced school violence, asking Abbott to veto constitutional carry “for the kids in our schools who are traumatized by active shooter drills.” …

On June 14, 2021, Breitbart News noted that Austin that police did not describe the Austin shooting as a determined attack on innocents but an apparent “incident between two parties.” [Source: Breitbart]

How manipulative and dishonest are Democrats? They used an incident between two parties that resulted in violence as reason to veto a bill that would protect all Texans. The shooting in Austin was not the kind of crime Goodwin is painting it out to be.

She is trying to connect an event that was not a “shooting spree” to things like school shootings. She claims that by signing the permitless carry bill, Abbott will be “sending the wrong message” to Texans.

This woman really is out of her mind. She insulted the governor by suggesting he’s just doing the bidding of the NRA and other lobbyist groups. Does she not realize that there are more guns in Texas than people? Texas has always been a state that values the 2nd Amendment. This ain’t hippie California or crooked Chicago—where corrupt Democrats have sway. This is a state that prides itself on its “Come and Take It” flags and bumper stickers.

The Democrat also neglected to explain how a law that would empower law-abiding Texans could contribute to more violence. Especially when you consider most shootings take place in “gun-free zones,” where nobody is even allowed to carry.

Nor did she acknowledge that attempted crimes go very differently, when someone carrying a firearm intervenes.

No, this Democrat—like her entire party—is trying to use emotions to undermine our liberties. There will always be events like the one in Austin. That doesn’t mean we need to restrict gun ownership. Just the opposite.

Democrats know this. But their agenda is more important than the facts.

Author: Peter Jones