Democrats Unleash Their Most Radical Bill Yet – Quickly Regret It

Joe Biden claimed he’d be a moderate that represented all Americans. But let’s be honest, we always knew he was blowing smoke up our shorts. The man is clearly a puppet for the radical left. That is never seen more clearly than in immigration policy.

As Biden tears down every last protection we had at the border, his cronies in D.C. push more policies that will turn the U.S. into an illegal alien magnet. Right now, Democrats are pushing two bills that would grant amnesty to millions of non-citizens, effectively rewarding them for breaking our laws.

It was questioned whether Republicans would bother to oppose this obvious undermining of our laws. A few actually appeared to support amnesty, including Sen. Lindsey Graham. But a growing number of Senate Republicans are taking a stand.

A number of Senate Republicans are lining up to oppose two pieces of immigration legislation, both passed by House Democrats and a handful of House Republicans, that would provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens living in the United States…

Over the past several days, Breitbart News reached out to the offices of all 50 Senate Republicans to ask if the senators support consideration of these House-passed amnesty plans and found serious and growing opposition to them. [Source: Breitbart]

There will be serious repercussions, should the government suddenly make millions of illegal aliens legal residents. For one thing, it will cement a decline in job and wages Americans face, thanks to illegal aliens. The one recourse Americans have in protecting their jobs are laws that prevent illegals from entering the country and working.

But if millions of them are made legal overnight, then millions of American families will lose the prospect of getting a good-paying job.

That’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Democrats are seeking to install a permanent second class that will forever vote for them. Illegal aliens gladly support the left, because Democrats promise to roll out the red carpet for them. But in most states, illegal aliens cannot vote (it is against the law everywhere, but Democrats find ways around that in places like NY and CA).

Giving amnesty to millions of non-Americans means that they all will be able to vote in upcoming elections, despite the fact that they are not true citizens. These ill-informed aliens will now be able to sway elections to the left’s favor for the foreseeable future.

That’s the real reason Democrats are so determined to push amnesty. They are not all that concerned with how it will affect American lives, or how many more illegals will rush the border, putting a massive strain on our government and resources. They only see the many ballots they can harvest from poor, ill-informed, desperate people.

When Democrats look at illegal immigrants, all they can see is the power and money they can exploit from them.

The only thing standing in their way are Republicans who are brave enough to take a stand.

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