Democrats Try to Censor Fox News, Trump Fires Back

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With the 2020 Election getting closer, Democrats are vying for their party’s nomination. Debates among the growing list of candidates will be happening soon.

But the DNC has decided Fox News will not be allowed to host any of the debates.

So, Trump made this promise to the Democrats.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Democrats don’t want hosts from Fox News at their debates. The cable news network has a reputation for providing a conservative perspective on the news. That might not be true all of the time, but many of their top hosts and anchors are far less biased than those on CNN.

Last election, Fox News’ Chris Wallace was the only debate host to actually confront Hillary Clinton with legitimate questions about her leaked emails and secret agenda. Obviously, the Democrats don’t want a repeat of that. Who knows what Fox News hosts would ask someone as far-left as Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, or Elizabeth Warren?

These fragile snowflakes can’t stand up to real criticism and questioning. So, the DNC will stack the deck for them, holding debates that will feature only liberal hosts from networks like CNN, MSNBC, and others.

You don’t even have to imagine what kind of pitiful questions these fake news pundits would pitch. The word “softball” comes to mind, again and again. Democrats don’t want to be challenged. They want the bar set very low, for themselves.

These are the same people who have used the liberal media to slander, abuse, and attack every aspect of Donald Trump’s life, family, and administration. The same group who uses the media as a weapon to go after regular Americans for supporting the president.

But when the spotlight is on themselves, they want special treatment.

President Trump heard about this little game they are trying to play. And he made a big vow.

President Donald Trump responded to the Democratic Party’s decision to not allow Fox News to host the Democrats’ presidential primary debates on Wednesday, saying that if the Democrats do that then he will refuse to go on far-left networks during the general election debates…

“Democrats just blocked @FoxNews from holding a debate,” Trump tweeted. “Good, then I think I’ll do the same thing with the Fake News Networks and the Radical Left Democrats in the General Election debates!” [Source: The Daily Wire]

That’s one brutal response. Donald Trump is a man known for cutting through people’s bull. If the left wants to play games, he can play them right back.

It’s especially pitiful of the DNC to block Fox News from debates, considering they have the highest ratings of any other news network. Hmm… maybe that’s the reason after all? Democrats don’t want a large portion of the voting public to see just how pathetic their candidates are!

This act by the Democrats is yet another example of how they fear and hate conservatives. They know that many conservative Americans watch Fox News. Conservatives are some of the most informed, knowledgeable, and outspoken people in the country. Democrats don’t want people like us talking about their candidates or discussing their debate performance.

Remember, Democrats routinely attack Donald Trump over his criticism of the liberal media. They go as far as claiming he’s attacking the freedom of the press when he calls fake news “the enemy of the people.”

Yet he never shies away from an interview or press conference. He goes toe-to-toe with the very biased liberal media on an almost daily basis. He has never tried to block an entire network from participating in a major event like a debate.

The people who do that? The Democrats!

The bottom line is, the left is panicking. They have to find a semi-decent candidate to go up against Donald Trump. This is a president who has made good on nearly every campaign promise. A president who helped the stock market reach new heights. A president who slashed taxes. A president who’s brought back companies and jobs. A president who did the impossible by lowering unemployment and raising the GDP.

What Democrat can compete with that?

Democrats Bar Fox From Hosting Primary Candidate Debates

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